Flexible payment solutions for school fees and other education costs

At ASG, we know that managing the cost of your child’s education isn’t always easy. Paying school fees and other education costs on time can be a challenge, putting pressure on the family budget.

ASG Funding Solutions allows you to manage your cashflow by breaking down fees and other charges into manageable instalments. You can repay these fees—in easy instalments—through the school year.

Features and benefits

  • Choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments.
  • Covers fees and all types of education related expenses as billed by the school, including:

    » fees
    » boarding charges
    » uniforms
    » technology fees, including laptops and tables
    » camps
    » extra-curricular activities, such as music tuition

  • Instalments can be made by direct debit from your transaction account or by Visa, MasterCard and American Express*.
  • ASG Funding Solutions can be used at most Australian schools where the annual fees are more than $1,000 per family.
  • You can split payment of instalments between accounts or payees.

*There is a surcharge to cover the cost of card transactions which are documented on the application form.

How it works

ASGFundingSolutionsGraphics_1 Design your preferred fee payment plan

Choose which fee payment plan works best for you. You can choose from just tuition or a combination of tuition and other charges payable.

You can use our instalment calculator to calculate your total fees to be funded and preferred instalment frequency.

ASGFundingSolutionsGraphics_2 Apply

Apply for your fee payment plan with ASG Funding Solutions using the membership application form  and select your preferred instalment frequency.

We will calculate your instalments payable to ASG Funding Solutions—based on your repayment frequency and confirm your application.

ASGFundingSolutionsGraphics_3 We pay your fees

ASG Funding Solutions will pay the school your fees in full and on time. Any other costs, which are not covered in your application, must be paid directly by you to the school.

ASGFundingSolutionsGraphics_4 You pay us in easy instalments

Have peace of mind knowing education expenses are now in manageable instalments spread throughout the school year.

Our instalment plan has a low service fee of 3.95 per cent of total fees and education expenses to be funded.

Instalment calculation example

 Fees and other charges$20,000
 Service fee (3.95%) $790
 Total $20,790 

 Weekly FortnightlyMonthly 
 Instalment amount $399.81 $799.62$1,732.50 

Note: The equivalent of two monthly instalments must be paid to ASG Funding Solutions before we pay the full education expenses to your nominated school.


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