Teaching in New Zealand covers a variety of schools and early childhood centres, including both the government and the Catholic systems, the independent sector, rural and metropolitan areas, primary and secondary and P-12 schools and special schools.

ASG understands that the greatest resource in New Zealand schools is our teachers. Our teachers are informed professionals. We recognise their crucial education leadership role, their impact on student learning and improved school practice and performance.

Now it’s your turn to nominate an inspirational teacher!

All nominations must be submitted online at asg.co.nz/nominate

Please read these guidelines carefully before completing the nomination form.

1. Who is eligible for nomination?

Qualified and registered educators and directors in early childhood centres, and teachers and principals in primary, special and secondary schools who:

  • have a minimum of two years’ teaching experience in New Zealand
  • are currently employed a minimum average of:
    a. five days a fortnight (primary, special and secondary teachers) or
    b. 28 hours a fortnight (kindergarten and preschool teachers teaching pre-prep programs).

2. Who can nominate?

  • School and centre communities can nominate through the parent association, secondary student council, school board/council, or the committee of management.
  • Parents, grandparents or guardians.
  • Community organisations can nominate independently.
  • Teachers may nominate a person from the school/centre attended by their own children, provided they are not employed at the same school/centre.


  1. Early childhood educators, centre directors, teachers and principals from the same school or centre
  2. Teachers’ family members; and
  3. Officials associated with the NEiTA program.

3. Reason for nomination

Nomination for excellence in education should include details of one or more of these domains:

  • Outstanding leadership
  • Expert knowledge
  • Exemplary and innovative teaching practice
  • Professional engagement with colleagues, parents, carers and the community.

4. Additional material

NEiTA welcomes supporting letters from the principal, centre director, school board/council, parent association, committee of management, or other relevant authority. Any other material submitted will not be considered by the selection panel. Additional supporting material will be accepted by NEiTA until 13 September 2018.

4. Confidentiality

NEiTA will not:

a) disclose the nominator’s identity to the early childhood educator/centre director teacher/principal, without the prior permission of the nominator
b) disclose the nominated early childhood educator/centre director/teacher/principal’s details to the media or any other organisation without their prior permission (see NEiTA Privacy Statement at asg.com.au/neita-privacy)

5. Nomination process 2 stages
Stage 1

All eligible nominees will be invited to complete an online Self Portrait Form, highlighting aspects of their teaching/leadership background, experience and accomplishments. Receipt of this form by the due date, 30 September 2018, completes the Stage 1 process.


a) Educators or directors who have received a State and Territory, or National Award from NEiTA within the last three years are not eligible to progress to the Self Portrait stage.
b) NEiTA retains the right to verify any information supplied pertaining to the nomination before confirming the acceptance of the nomination.

Stage 2

Shortlisted nominees will be asked to submit an essay and video that address excellence in education in more detail.

6. Certificate of Nomination:

Certificate of Nomination is provided to nominated teachers/leaders whose candidature for the awards is approved after verification by the NEiTA Foundation. This Certificate is available electronically for the Principal/Centre Director to print off and present to the teacher. No hard copy Certificates will be provided by NEiTA.

7. ASG grants:

The $5,000 grant will be awarded to the 6 national winners in New Zealand.

Where a recipient is due to retire or leave the teaching profession within 12 months of receiving the grant, the money will be given to the school or centre for use in community development programmes or special projects as approved by ASG.

8. Results

Results will be communicated to national and local media, and will be published on the ASG website asg.co.nz/neita. Please refer to this site for a list of all award recipients.

Selections are at the absolute discretion of NEiTA and no discussions can take place regarding unsuccessful nominations.

9. Closing date

Completed nomination must be submitted at asg.co.nz/nominate by 13 September 2018. No hardcopy nominations will be accepted.

For further information, contact the NEiTA Secretariat:
Telephone: 09 308 0576
Email: neita@asg.co.nz