Education is one of life’s major investments. Our research shows that planning for the cost of a child’s education is one of the biggest concerns for parents, fuelled by the fact that the cost of education has been going up by almost double the rate of inflation over the last decade.

School fees are only one component of total education costs. Parents need to factor in additional costs:








Your child's future education costs

Child’s age

  • Estimated costs for pre-school, primary and secondary school nationally for a child in a capital city anticipated for the period from the age selected to the end of secondary school.
  • Based on data sourced from the 2016 ASG Planning for Education Index. Indicative guide only - does not take into account your personal circumstances or objectives. 
  • ASG does not guarantee that these figures will represent the actual education costs for you, your child or children. Find out more


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ASG specialises in education funds, and can help you plan and save for those costs. We have supported the education journey of more than 540,000 children and have returned more than $2.8 billion to our members. We offer a choice of tax effective funds to best suit your education goals and savings needs.

Our unique offering gives you:

Tax effective

ASG's education funds qualify as scholarship plans under Australian tax law. 

Education information

Enjoy access to an exclusive members’ website where you can read a range of articles focused on your child’s development – from birth to post-secondary.

Variety of education savings plans

Our education funds are suitable for everyone offering a flexible or structured approach across all stages of education.

Profits reinvested to benefit members

We’re a member owned organisation, which means profits are invested into the business to benefit our members and their children.

Member discounts and benefits

We partner with reputable education specialists and organisations to offer member only discounts and benefits.

Educational products and services

ASG members enjoy access to an expanding library of online resources designed to help them and their children along their education journey.

By proactively saving small amounts of money over a period of time, you’ll find saving for education costs more manageable on your family budget. Not only will you have peace of mind knowing that you’re planning for their future, but you will have access to money for your children’s education at a time when you’ll need it most.

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