Important update on You Can Do It! Education

Australian Scholarships Group (ASG) and the Bernard Group have had a long standing, highly successful partnership of 25 years promoting the You Can Do It! Education (YCDI!) program to schools. The Bernard Group, led by Professor Michael Bernard, founder of YCDI!  developed the content of the resources while ASG has published, distributed and supported these resources and programs. We are proud that YCDI! has developed a reputation as a valued program, promoting the social and emotional development of children in schools and early learning centres.

ASG and the Bernard Group have recently been looking at innovative ways of meeting the needs of today’s students, teachers and parents in response to feedback from the market. After much deliberation, both parties have agreed to continue with their goals of supporting children, families and schools but to go in separate directions. As a result, the partnership between ASG and the Bernard Group will cease with effect from 7 November 2017.

With the cessation of the partnership, the Bernard Group will assume responsibility for YCDI! publishing and distributing program resources as well as coordinating professional training.

It is business as usual until 6 November. All communication and customer interactions will continue to come from ASG until this date - so continue to contact ASG for any orders or to arrange training for the program.  From 7 November, The Bernard Group will take responsibility for the ongoing administration and sales of YCDI! resources and training programs. The YCDI! website URL will continue to be:

Prior to 7 November ASG will provide all existing customers with contact details for the Bernard Group..

To ensure that your school has the resources available to continue to utilise the program during this transition period, we are pleased to offer a 35 per cent discount on all orders received before 6 November 2017. The discount will automatically be applied for all orders received. Payment must be made to ASG by 6 November for all orders placed.  Please note that inventory is limited for some items, so we do not guarantee that we will be able to fulfil all orders received.

Thank you for support of the YCDI! program.

If you have any questions or need assistance between now and 6 November 2017, please contact ASG on +61 1800 803 135 (free call) or via email at

Order your programs or books online.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Who will be supporting YCDI! program in the future?

After 6 November 2017, the YCDI! program will be managed by The Bernard Group. Contact information for YCDI! from 7 November will be available on the YCDI! website: to be launched on 7 November, 2017

In the meantime, please continue to contact ASG for any orders or to arrange training for the program.


Q. Where can I purchase resources after 7 November?


Q. How will orders be filled prior to 7 November?

ASG will fulfil all orders received before and up to 6 November 2017.


Q. Is the YCDI! program going to be updated in the future?

YCDI! will be offering a new range of programs for the 2018 school year.

Information will be on the website: by 7 November.


Q. What if I have a training session booked after November?

The Bernard Group will honour all training sessions booked.  YCDI! trainers will be available to train ongoing.

Contact details

If you have any more questions or need assistance between now and 6 November 2017 please contact ASG on +61 1800 803 135 (free call).

Email contact:

To order YCDI! resources or training: or order online