​Educator workshops: resilience and effectiveness

Resilient, Highly Effective Educational Leaders are those who, when faced with challenges, difficulties and constant change use their inner strengths to think, feel and behave in strong, positive and resilient ways rather than reacting negatively. Their actions and words make a large difference not only to the learning and well-being of students, but also to the morale, well-being and productivity of all those in their school community. “Resilience” is a key personal capability that we all need when the going gets tough. No matter how skilled you are in classroom management, in the design of behaviour intervention plans, in leading or working on teams, and, more generally, in managing the various aspects of the job, without resilience, the ability to deliver your abundant professional skills is blocked.

Michael Bernard’s research throughout Australia, England, and the United States into the personal capabilities of educators has yielded some interesting findings. While educators as a group tend to have strong getting along capabilities, are extremely persistent, and are generally organised, they indicate that they need to develop their confidence and resilience.

The YCDI! workshops for educators have been developed to strengthen the personal capabilities of confidence, persistence, resilience, organisation and getting along, whilst empowering the educator with the understanding of self-acceptance and how it is the foundation of good mental health and wellbeing.

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Stress management for teachers and principals

(Half day workshop)

Teaching today is harder than it’s ever been. In Australia, 41 per cent of teachers report high levels of occupational stress. Teachers are time poor, drowning in paperwork, meetings, data and assessments. Expectations for student achievement are incredibly high both from school leadership and parents. 

There is a great deal of research pointing to the fact that a stress management education program that strengthens people’s mindset, including coping skills, can prevent and reduce stress.

Our ASG You Can Do It! Education trainers can facilitate a half day workshop at your school as part of staff professional development and wellbeing programs. 

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Introduction to the Theory and Practice of You Can Do It! Education

 (Full day/2 x Half day or Twilight sessions)

Ideal for a school new to YCDI! or one that has many new staff or staff needing a refresher in YCDI! This workshop presents the basic theory and practice of YCDI! as it relates to increasing student achievement, positive behaviour and wellbeing.

Teachers will learn how to help develop student confidence, persistence, organisation, getting along and resilience as well as positive ‘Habits of the Mind’ (e.g. optimism, high frustration tolerance and self-acceptance). YCDI! training includes classroom and school-wide practices and the use of YCDI! student development curricula.

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Advanced Practice of You Can Do It! Education

(Full day/2 x Half day or Twilight sessions)

This workshop is designed for schools that have already been trained in the basic practice of YCDI! Ideal for schools wishing to extend YCDI! this workshop will focus on how to develop students’ positive ‘Habits of the Mind’, eliminate negative ‘Habits of the Mind’ and associated internal blockers (e.g. procrastination, anger, worry and feeling down). Additional topics include: (1) how to reach students to change irrational, negative thinking, to rational, positive thinking; (2) advanced classroom and school-wide practice for building critical mass to reach all students; (3) parent education.


Facilitator Workshop in You Can Do It! Education

(2 Full days)

Build the capacity of your school, district, region or partnership to provide ongoing professional learning for staff, through our facilitator workshop.

Facilitators receive intensive training and support materials that will help them provide high quality professional development and ongoing support for roles such as ‘Coach’, ‘Leader’ and ‘User’ of YCDI!

The facilitator workshop is a cost effective way for schools to deliver their own training to their teachers and to support sustainability and school-wide roll-out of the YCDI! program.


Attitudes and Behaviours for Learning

(Half day session)

This workshop designed for primary and lower secondary-level classroom teachers is focussed on the integration of personal, social and learning attitudes and skills during the teaching of literacy and numeracy.

Workshop content: (1) social and emotional learning dispositions that contribute to student engagement and achievement; (2) how to integrate five SEL teaching practices for strengthening the positive attitudes and behaviours of students across a literacy lesson.

Participants will learn how to:

  • develop the positive mindset of students
  • share with students the objectives of the lesson and have them set their personal learning goals
  • discuss behaviours for learning
  • discuss self-talk for learning
  • communicate behaviour-specific feedback for learning

Bullying: the Power to Cope - for Educators

(Half day session)

This workshop is designed to equip classroom teachers and mental health practitioners with the skills to present a four-session program designed to teach students ways to cope (self talk, coping skills, practical steps to take) with different types of bullying (physical, verbal, isolation and cyber).

It has been developed for use with middle/upper primary and lower/middle secondary students. Its focus is on helping young people who are currently faced with bullying. Additionally, we see this as a prevention program so that, when and if a young person is faced with bullying, he or she can call on the strategies taught in this program to ward off the potential harmful effects of bullying behaviour.

Who can lead the program?

The program is designed so that both teachers and mental health practitioners can use the program. 

Who is this program suitable for?

The program can be taught to classroom-size groups of students. It can also be used with individual students who are currently being victimised by bullying. The age group seen as most suitable is 10 to 16 year olds.

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The Resilient Educator

(Half day session)

This highly acclaimed workshop presented to more than 10,000 people across Australia, is designed to promote school administrator and educator self-awareness. It develops the positive attitudes and social and emotional skills to help them perform at their best.

A major focus is on the self management skills for dealing with tough work situations. The workshop also provides educators with learning experiences to equip them to teach and personalise YCDI! to students.

Working as an educator, mental health practitioner, or administrator, there are times when negative, adverse events at work (and home) can lead you to experience a range of negative emotions such as anger, anxiety or feeling down. While these negative emotions are normal and understandable, when you become emotionally tense (especially when you are not aware of your emotional state), not only is your overall social-emotional well-being impaired, but your ability to think clearly, solve problems, and continue to perform at a high level of professional effectiveness is greatly reduced.

The delivery of this session is somewhat more personal and informal. Comments by participants is that they the like the informality. They also have indicated that they very much appreciated that the ½ day is designed for them.

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The Character Strength of Self-acceptance

(Half day session)

This workshop for educators provides answers to the following question: 
As our judgment of our own value and self worth has such an impact on our wellbeing, is it possible to consistently value ourselves without having our self-evaluation based on what others think of our performance?

The answer is yes!

Participants will learn about ways to strengthen their self-acceptance and self-regard, leading to increased levels of positivity and satisfaction at work and in life.


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