Stress Management Workshop

Stress management for teachers and principals – host a half day workshop at your school

Teaching today is harder than it’s ever been. In Australia, 41 per cent of teachers report high levels of occupational stress. Teachers are time poor, drowning in paperwork, meetings, data and assessments. Expectations for student achievement are incredibly high both from school leadership and parents.

School principals are doing it hard with incredible job overload leaving insufficient time for improving teaching and achievement outcomes. 75 per cent  of principals work upwards of 55 hours per week, over 60 per cent of principals regularly experience offensive behaviour (conflict, quarrels, gossip, slander, bullying) and 33 per cent experience an incident of physical assault.

There is a great deal of research pointing to the fact that a stress management education program that strengthens people’s mindset, including coping skills, can prevent and reduce stress. When teachers and principals can equip themselves with stress management techniques, they are prepared for the adversities that they may face.

Our ASG You Can Do It! Education trainers can facilitate a half day workshop at your school as part of staff professional development and wellbeing programs.

Topics include:

  • The science of stress – psychological, physiological, behavioural
  • Self-assessment surveys
  • Your zone of vulnerability including challenging work demands, difficult relationships, work performance and change  
  • The ABCs of emotional self-management
  • Your mindset is your armour
  • The strength of self-acceptance
  • Mindfulness
  • Support – seek it out and give it
  • Brain training – the practice of long lasting techniques

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