ASG Art Awards Winners 2009


On 27 November, in Melbourne some of our ASG students were recognised for their artistic talents at a dinner ceremony hosted by the Children’s Charity Network (CCN).

As in previous years our very young artists showed their prowess in the arts department. Nine year old, Darcy Waters from Queensland took the ASG painting award. Bryan Lee received the drawing award, Jessica Slattery, the computer art award, and Charli Patullo, the photography award. The awards were presented by Australian Scholarships Group's General Manager Warwick James. 

- Darcy Waters
Darcy Waters
- Bryan Lee
Bryan Lee
- Jessica Slattery
Jessica Slattery
- Charli Patullo
Charli Patullo

Other ASG students receiving awards from CCN were Liam van Deth for his painting entitled Beneath the Surface (senior category), Den L. Sheer for her drawing, Oblivion (senior), and Sahibajot Kaur for her computer art, Plastic Wrap (senior).


- Liam van Deth
Liam van Deth
- Den L Scheer
Den L Scheer
- Sahiba Kaur
Sahiba Kaur