Award Categories

  • Early Childhood Category
  • Primary School Category
  • Secondary School Category

Who can nominate a teacher?

    • Schools and Community Centres can nominate through the parent association, secondary student council, school board/council, or the committee of management.
    • Parents, grandparents or guardians.
    • Community organisations can also nominate independently.
    • Teachers may nominate a person from the school/centre attended by their own children, provided they are not employed at the same school/centre.


    • Early childhood educators, centre directors, teachers and principals from the same school or centre.
    • Teachers’ family members.
    • Officials associated with the ASG NEiTA program.

Who can be nominated?

Qualified and registered educators and directors in early childhood centres, and teachers and principals in primary, special and secondary schools who:

  • have a minimum of two years’ teaching experience in Australia or New Zealand.
  • are currently employed a minimum average of:
    a. 0.6 FTE plus a week (primary, special and secondary teachers) or

b. 28 hours a fortnight (kindergarten and preschool teachers teaching pre-prep programs).


Why should I nominate a teacher?

  • Nominating a teacher for an ASG NEiTA award is a celebration for the whole school/centre community. 
  • Your nominated teacher will know that his/her efforts are appreciated by the community.
  • Great teachers are an inspiration to generations of current and future teachers.
  • Nominations keep the focus on high standards of education in our schools.
  • Grants and prizes promote professional development.
  • Great teachers have considerable impacts on the future of their students and they deserve recognition.

How do I nominate a teacher?

Nominating an early childhood educator, teacher, principal or centre director is easy!

Visit and complete your nomination form online by 11.59pm (AEST) on the 31st of July 2019.

Nomination for excellence in education should include details of one or more of these domains:

  • Outstanding leadership
  • Expert knowledge
  • Exemplary and innovative teaching practice
  • Professional engagement with colleagues, parents, carers and the community.

Can I nominate more than one teacher?

You may nominate as many teachers/principals/centre directors as you wish as long as they are meet the criteria and that you consider them to be outstanding educators.


Can I nominate a principal or centre director?

Yes, it is important that leaders are also acknowledged.

When completing a nomination form for a principal or centre director, please also provide the name and contact details of the chairperson of the parent association or committee of management so that ASG NEiTA can liaise with them to organise the certificate presentation.


Where can I obtain a nomination form?

We only accept online nominations forms. Please visit

When do nominations close?

All nominations for the 2019 ASG National Excellence in Teaching Awards must be received by 11.59pm (AEST) on the 31st of July 2019.


Can I send in supporting letters about my teacher?

You can but it is optional. ASG NEiTA welcomes supporting letters from the principal, school board/council, parent association, committee of management, or other relevant authority. Any other material submitted will not be considered by the selection panel.

Supporting documentation should be uploaded along with the nomination form or emailed to us before the 31st of July 2019.


How do I include supporting documentation?

When completing the nomination you will have the opportunity to attach any relevant supporting documentation.

Supporting documents should be submitted no later than the 31st of July 2019 with the teacher’s name clearly visible.


How will I know that ASG NEiTA has received my nomination? 

Once you have clicked ‘Submit’ you will receive an email confirming that we have received your nomination. If you do not receive this confirmation email please contact us at

What happens after I have completed the nomination form online?

Once we have received your nomination, A Certificate of Nomination will be available to nominated and approved teachers. They will then be invited to complete an online self-portrait form to be eligible for judging and award selection.

Will the teacher know I have nominated him/her? 

ASG NEiTA will not disclose the nominator's identity to the teacher or the school/centre without your prior approval. Permission may be occasionally requested e.g. if the principal would like to invite the nominator to the certificate presentation.


How are teachers acknowledged? 

The awards program includes two levels of acknowledgement:

  1. Certificate of NominationCertificate of Nomination will be provided to nominated teachers/leaders whose candidature for the awards is approved after verification by the NEiTA Foundation. This Certificate is available electronically for the Principal/Centre Director to print off and present to the teacher. No hard copy Certificates will be provided by NEiTA

  2. ASG NEiTA national award and grant A $5,000 grant will be awarded to the 12 national winners in Australia and 6 national winners in New Zealand.

    Where a recipient is due to retire or leave the teaching profession within 12 months of receiving the grant, the money will be given to the school or centre for use in community development programmes or special projects that will need to be pre-approved by ASG.

  3. NEiTA Teacher Ambassador of the Year:
    One national award recipient will be selected to receive the special NEiTA Teacher Ambassador of the Year award.

    ASG will sponsor one teacher in Australia and one in New Zealand and give them the once in a lifetime opportunity to attend the International Space Camp 2020, an international gathering of teachers, at the US Space & Rocket Center, Alabama, USA.

    The two teachers will also be accompanied by two children selected by the NEiTA committee.


How are National Award recipients selected?


Stage 1

All eligible nominees will be invited to complete an online Self Portrait Form, highlighting aspects of their teaching/leadership background, experience and accomplishments. 

The Self Portrait form must be submitted by 11.59pm (AEST) on the 29th of August 2019 to complete the Stage 1 of the assessment process.


a) Educators or directors who have received a State and Territory, or National Award from ASG NEiTA within the last three years are not eligible to progress to the Self Portrait stage.

b) ASG NEiTA retains the right to verify any information pertaining to the nomination before confirming the acceptance of the nomination.

Stage 2

Shortlisted nominees will be asked to submit an essay and a video that should address excellence in education in more detail.

Post Stage 2 assessment by the panel, successful recipients are notified and endorsement of their Principal/Centre Director is then sought by ASG for verification purposes.


When are National Awards announced?

The 6 national recipients of the ASG national Excellence in Teaching Awards in New Zealand will be announced on the Friday the 21st of February 2020 during a High Tea in the Grand Hall of the Parliament Buildings in Wellington.

The 12 national recipients of the ASG National Excellence in Teaching Awards in Australia will be announced at a special awards luncheon attended by teachers, families and VIPs in Melbourne CBD on the Friday 27th of March 2020.

Recipients and their preferred guest’s travel arrangements and accommodation for one night will be sponsored by ASG.  


Where can I find the ASG NEiTA promotional Kit?

If you would like to receive a promotional kit for your school or centre containing posters please visit or email with your name, address and how many posters you would like (limits apply).

Is there a help line?

For general enquiries about the awards please contact ASG NEiTA on 1800 624 487 or