According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the cost of education has been rising at more than twice the rate of inflation over the past decade. It will, therefore, come as no surprise that financing your child's education is one of the biggest ongoing expenses you and other parents or guardians will have to manage.

School fees are only one component of total education costs. There is a myriad of other costs involved including transport, uniforms and school books, excursions – which can create financial headaches if they’re not planned for and managed.

ASG Funding Solutions is an annual education costs payment service that takes this financial pressure off parents and guardians. It allows you to pay for your child’s school fees, uniforms, books and other education items in manageable weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments over the year.

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Why choose ASG Funding Solutions?

ASG Funding Solutions makes managing the costs associated with education easy.

ASG Funding Solutions members enjoy:

  • education costs spread throughout the year – pay school fees and other education costs in manageable weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments, rather than making large lump sum payments. 
  • flexibility – ASG Funding Solutions can cover any fixed school payments, including the costs of tuition, boarding, camps, building funds and extra-curricular activities such as music tuition.
  • portability – ASG Funding Solutions can be used at most Australian schools where the annual fees are more than $1000 per family. If your child changes school, we can adjust your instalments to reflect the new school’s fees.
  • peace of mind – we pay your child’s fees directly to the school by the due date, so you never have to worry about missing a payment. Other costs such as payment for school uniforms and books will be paid directly to the service provider on your behalf and you pay us back.
  • a proven approach – ASG has been supporting parents and guardians for close to 30 years. During this time we have helped cover the costs of education for more than 40,000 parents and guardians.

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