I spy with my little eyes

by User Not Found | Sep 08, 2015

I-spy-ASGConnectEDPlanning a trip is half the fun and a great time to get to know what your children would like to do on a holiday.

However, children get easily bored during a car trip—no matter how long or short the trip. If you can keep your children entertained you’ve won the battle and will rarely hear ‘Mum, dad – I’m bored’.

I spy

An old favourite, I spy with my little eyes has kept children entertained for ages. If your children are old enough to read the alphabets they can play word associations like ‘I spy with my little eyes something beginning with A or B or C.’ The other players have to guess what your child is looking at.

If the children are too young to know the alphabet you can choose objects by colours.

Complete the lyrics

While listening to the children’s favourite song, press pause and encourage the children to complete the lyrics for the next line of the song.

Construct a story

Each child and an adult take turns and adds a sentence to a shared story that you construct out loud. You’d be surprised at your children’s imagination.

Grandpa’s underpants

Whoever is the designated ‘it’ must answer all questions with a silly phrase. For example: ‘What do you like in your soup’? The answer can be as silly as ‘grandpa’s underpants.’ Whoever gets the respondent to laugh first gets to be the next ‘it’.

Silence is golden

This is a wonderful game, especially when the children are getting tired and nerves are starting to fray. Who can stay silent the longest? The winner gets to choose the next song or the radio station you listen to for the next part of your journey.

Happy holidays!

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