Technology, reading and play

by User Not Found | Sep 14, 2015

technologySizedTV, smartphones, and tablets can provide great learning opportunities for children but what if technology becomes the babysitter?

Children are being left alone with tablets and smartphones and children’s author, Mem Fox said she finds it ‘heartbreaking’.  According to Fox, reading in the traditional sense is important for a child’s development in empathy and social skills.

Technology has, and will continue to vastly change our society. It has already changed how we interact with each other, how we work, and also how we learn. What did we do before the days of Google?

Parents need to strike an important balance between the use of technology and outdoor play and reading to their children. Reading helps a child develop a range of skills including speech and listening skills, and it is also important for one-on-one bonding between parent and child.

Outdoor play is also hugely important in getting children to use their imagination and allows them to run, climb, swing, jump, and learn ball handling skills such as throwing and catching.

Get the right balance:

  • Limit the time your children spend on smartphones and tablets
  • Encourage outdoor play by setting aside time each day for your children to play
  • Take your children to the beach and playgrounds
  • Encourage safe use of smartphones and tablets

Make sure the smartphone/ tablet has a mix of education and fun apps.

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