Father-child bonding

by User Not Found | Sep 16, 2015

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads. 

September 6 will be a very special day for dads and their children with many planning special celebrations to honour their dads. But Father’s Day is only one day in the calendar year as this bond between a father and child starts much earlier.


Research shows that the father-baby bonding is critical to a child’s development. And how a father interacts with his child, can shape

the structure of the baby’s brain.

Dr Richard Fletcher, author of The Dad Factor explores the difference between high and low quality bonding, and the potential this has for setting a baby on the right track. 

Whether you’re already a dad or you’re about to become one don’t underestimate how important this bonding is from the day your child is born.

Dr Fletcher said while a father-child bond develops differently to a mother-child relationship, evidence shows that newborns are primed to react to fathers.

Fathers are also extremely important when mums are suffering from post-natal depression and Dr Fletcher also discusses a father’s priorities to parenting.

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