Popular educational apps failing to teach

by User Not Found | Sep 24, 2015

ScreenTimeBeforeBedSome popular applications aimed at teaching young children, are failing to teach them anything, research has found.

In a study by Swinburne BabyLab director Jordy Kaufman and five American researchers, it was found that less than six per cent of the popular preschool applications were based on theories of early childhood education.

Developers didn’t “deliberately mislead” though, said Dr Kaufman. He said many of the apps provided learning outcomes by “instincts and best guesses’”.

The research, which was partially published in Psychological Studies in the Public Interest, also found that parents were overwhelmed with the choice of educational games available. 

“Apps would be vastly improved with guidance on how kids best learn,” he said.

Rather than more regulation being required for educational apps, parents needed to be more involved in their children’s learning, he said.

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