Choosing feeling words

by User Not Found | Oct 14, 2015

When it comes to building your child’s emotional vocabulary there are many words to choose from.

AtoZ_feelingWordsEDMDepending on your child’s age select feeling words from A to Z and help them build up their vocabulary and also develop their literacy.

Some examples are:

A: affectionate, airy, amazing, agreeable, at ease, appealing, absolutely, angry, annoyed, awful, abused, anxious, aware, alarmed, afraid, awkward, adequate, aggressive, awesome, apprehensive.

B: bright, bubbly, brilliant, brave, bored, burdened, bothered, bitter, bushed, beaten, bewildered, bad-tempered, and breathless.

C: capable, cheerful, caring, close, committed, courageous, confident, cuddly, calm, cooperative, creative, comfortable, curious, cool, carefree, compassionate, considerate, cruel, cold, content, creepy, clumsy, confused.

D: delighted, dominant, determined, dutiful, dreamy, dishonest, defiant, disgusted, depressed, dismayed, down-in-the-dumps, disturbed, dull, discouraged, distant, disorganised, dependent, dumb, disappointed.

E: excited, enthusiastic, exuberant, energetic, elated, encouraged, ecstatic, empathetic, enraged, exhausted, edgy, evasive, embarrassed, envious, explosive.

F: fantastic, free, frisky, friendly, forgiving, floaty, funny, full-of-beans, fearful, frustrated, fed-up, furious, freezing, foolish, frumpy, frightened.

G: generous, groovy, giddy, grateful, glad, gentle, great, grief-stricken, grumpy, greedy, guilty, gloomy.

H: honest, heroic, happy, hopeful, high, humble, helpless, horrified, humiliated, hesitant, hard-done-by, hopeless, hurt.

I: important, interested, inspired, independent, ignored, immature, irritated, inadequate, insecure, immobilised, impatient.

J: joyful, jolly, jaunty, jovial, justified, judgemental, jealous.

K: keen, kooky, kept-in-the-dark.

L: loving, lively, lost, lonely, low.

M: merry, magical, mind-blown, magnanimous, mediocre, mean, miserable, mixed-up, mad, mournful.

N: natural, nutty, nauseated, nerdy, naughty, nasty.

You can continue building your child’s vocabulary with the rest of the alphabets. What are your favourite feeling words for them?


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  1. david mwangi kageche | Nov 30, 2015

    God bless you as work for our chilnden.

  2. Dr Singh | Nov 27, 2015
    Brilliant idea! Love it and all parents should implement this :-)

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