Making dragons

by User Not Found | Jan 07, 2016

Let’s make some dragons this holiday.

Dragons are mythical creatures that look like fierce flying reptiles. They are said to have magical powers—guarding treasures of gold or controlling storms and droughts.

Dragons have clawed feet and may spit fire. Most dragons have frilled necks and huge bat wings, and some have multiple heads.

Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year with huge dragon puppets. Dragons have been depicted for centuries in Chinese and Japanese art.

In Maori culture, dragons called taniwha are sea monsters and appear in beautiful, detailed drawings and carvings. In some cultures dragons are depicted as fierce and dangerous, whereas in other stories they are wise and noble.  


Paper chain dragonsPaper chain dragons

Ask an adult to help you.

  1. Cut ten 2.5 cm strips from 25 cm squares of coloured paper.
  2. Staple the two ends of one strip together to form a loop.
  3. Thread a different coloured strip through the first loop, and staple the ends to form a second loop, starting a paper chain.
  4. Repeat until you have a colourful chain which forms the dragon’s body.
  5. Make a big face for your dragon and staple it on one end of the chain.
  6. Add big black bat wings, and very thin strips of red and orange paper to form the fiery dragon breath.

Paper concertina dragonflies

  1. Cut two thin (about one cm) strips of black/purple/or silver paper (about 50 cm long), and stick the ends at right angles.
  2. Make a concertina body by sequentially folding the strips over each other.
  3. Stick the ends together.
  4. Add a tiny face, big round eyes, and two pairs of delicate wings, to this fragile little ‘dragon’.

There are some lovely dragonfly songs on the internet, to sing along to while you play with these funny darting dragons.

Dragons from egg cartons

These may look more like dragon crocodiles, but use your imagination, and don’t forget to add big black eyes, a long forked tongue and a paper frilled neck.

Dragon lairs

Make a castle home for your dragons, from cardboard boxes, with towers or turrets made from cylinders of cardboard.

Your dragon might prefer to live on an island, with caves and rivers, surrounded by stormy seas.

Dragon stories

Write a creative fantasy story or poem about your dragon. You can describe its size, what it eats, where it lives, and imagine it has some magical powers. 

Food dragonsFood dragons

  1. With help from an adult, slice a cucumber and stick the round slices back together using tooth picks as the backbone. Alternate the cucumber slices with small round slices of cheese or carrot.
  2. Keep the top five cm of the cucumber as the head piece, and carve a mouth in this green head.
  3. These snake-like dragons can be decorated with tomato frills and purple grapes for eyes.
  4. Make a cave home for your dragon from lettuce leaves.
  5. Take some photos before you eat the dragon for a fresh snack.

Zucchini (courgettes) or bananas can be used instead of cucumbers.

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