Katrina and Luciana make their mark on education

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Katrina MacDonald and Luciana Pangrazio have been recognised for their outstanding contribution to education, presented with highly lucrative ASG scholarship grants. They’re two of four PhD students to receive the latest round of ASG scholarships as part of a joint initiative with Monash University.

In 2012, ASG proudly partnered with the university’s Faculty of Education to support academic excellence in education and help PhD candidates advance their careers through their ground breaking research.

ASG CEO, John Velegrinis, says the collaborative partnership with Monash University has strengthened in the last three years and he’s honoured the ASG grants allow mid-career professionals to pursue their research interests and hopefully make an impact on the education sector.

“We hope these awards will inspire and help produce cutting-edge research that will enhance education and progress our knowledge.  This research also has the potential to change current thinking and practices in education and evolve the Australian teaching curriculum. 

The recipients for the ASG Travel Grant are:

  • Luciana Pangrazio
  • Emily Berger

ASG Scholarship for Excellence:

  • Katrina Claire MacDonald
  • Christina Helen Majoinen

Luciana Pangrazio has been researching critical digital literacy and is about to present her work at two international conferences in the UK.

Her research goes beyond the cyber safety message and examines more complex, social and cultural pressures that young people experience when using digital media.

“There are a whole range of emotions and motivations around their use of digital media."

Schools aren’t doing a great deal in this regard. It’s more difficult to discuss because social media is not allowed in schools and all that stuff tends to stop at the school gates, but in reality it doesn’t cause it’s on their phones.

“I know that teachers are up against a crowded curriculum but they’re going to have to brace the discussion at some point because digital media is so intertwined in young people’s lives.”

Ms Pangrazio said without the ASG scholarship she wouldn’t have been able to pursue her PhD studies. 

“I moved over from Melbourne university because of the scholarship grants and I’m very grateful to ASG. At the conference, I’ll be meeting with three international scholars in my area and I’m hoping they’ll be able to talk to me about my findings, read some of my work and give me feedback. It’s invaluable and a great opportunity to establish an ongoing network and dialogue with these people,”

Katrina Claire MacDonald is the recipient of the ASG Scholarship for Excellence, which is awarded to a high achieving PhD application.

Ms MacDonald is researching educational leadership in schools located in areas of concentrated social disadvantage, with social justice becoming an interest and priority after she taught in these types of schools.

“Children who live in areas of concentrated social disadvantage are also often vulnerable to educational disadvantage.  Children experiencing often multiple sources of disadvantage are vulnerable to reduced educational outcomes, creating an ongoing cycle of disadvantage as they move into adulthood.”

Ms MacDonald says she hopes her research will make a contribution to the discourse on educational leadership and in further understanding the complex demands on principals in disadvantaged schools.

“I’m so thrilled to be the recipient of the ASG award and scholarship. It will allow me to attend leadership conferences that would be financially difficult to attend and enable me to purchase computing equipment to assist in my research, and contribute to my data collection expenses.

ASG also sponsors the:

  • ASG PhD scholarship for exceptional mid-career professionals
  • ASG Emergency Relief Grants.

Mr Velegrinis said he looked forward to actively engaging with the ASG scholarship recipients and learning how their valued research is making a difference in education.  

“ASG is passionate about education to take education to the next level, expanding the horizons of and really challenging our new recipients as they bring their real-life experience into their research.”

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