Talk to your child’s teacher: teacher-parent partnerships

by User Not Found | Feb 15, 2016

Parent teacher partnershipsFrom the start of the school year, it’s important for parents to talk to their children’s teachers and establish a positive partnership. 

In October 2015, the first edition of the ASG Parents Report Card was released, which investigated parents’ perceptions of the state of education in Australia and New Zealand. 

It’s positive news for teachers with 89 per cent of parents across both countries agreeing their children’s teachers are very capable. 

Eighty five per cent of parents surveyed also believe the school curriculum will help their children with their future career. 

This means parents and teachers need to be communicating often, setting expectations and learning more about what’s happening in the classroom and at home. 

While parent-teacher interviews are designed for parents to ask questions, learn about their child’s progress at school, raise any concerns and assess their children’s learning environment, the time that’s set aside simply just isn’t enough.    
In fact, the ASG Parents Report Card indicates that parental knowledge of what is happening in their children’s schooling is imperative for parents to further optimise their children’s educational outcomes. This knowledge would come from continued effective communication between school and home. 

ASG CEO John Velegrinis says parents are an intangible resource in their children’s education. 

“The findings of the ASG Parents Report Card show that, generally speaking, parents have an acute focus on, and understanding of, their child’s knowledge, skills and ability. This demonstrates the importance of schools, teachers and policy makers working together to model a more holistic approach to communicating with parents. 

“There is an opportunity, and a desire, for ongoing discussion on the nature of learning that occurs in schools and the approach to homework, to lead to better educational outcomes for Australian children.” 

Six rules parents should follow to help their children get the most out of school:

1. Prepare your child for school
Don’t always expect your child’s teacher to pick up the slack. Not only do teachers feel the pressures of being overloaded with extra curriculum activities, but increasingly they’re also expected to take responsibility for teaching the things parents are not.

Teach your child how to respect others, the importance of values and morals, and discuss with them personal safety. Check your child’s homework and allow your child to make mistakes.

2.  Share the responsibility for your child’s education

The ASG Parents Report Card found parents’ aspirations for their children are the most important driver for their children’s educational success. So, show an interest in your child’s learning, become engaged with your child’s teacher and the school, and create an encouraging learning environment.  

3. Partner with your child’s teacher
Parent-teacher partnerships are essential and critical to a child’s education. Your involvement will help your child’s progress at school, build trust and resolve differences. 

4. Participate in your child’s school

School involvement isn’t necessarily restricted to the classroom or even to out-of-hours activities. You can support the school’s values in your home, look for opportunities to share knowledge and experience, respect the teacher’s professionalism, and regularly reading school communications.   

5. Communication goes two ways
Parent-teacher interviews are the most effective way teachers can communicate with parents. Parent-teacher meetings aren’t necessarily about criticism and complaints, and teachers want to ensure parents are informed.

6. Support your child’s teacher and school

Before parents can support the policies and values of their child’s school, the first step is to find out what these are and then decide how best to offer support. Once you’re up to speed, talk about the importance of school policies and mirror the rules and consequences of your child’s school at home to encourage a healthy attitude.

You can download your copy of the ASG Parents Report Card now.

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