Did you know: You can plant seeds in eggshell planters?

by User Not Found | Feb 29, 2016

Eggshell plantersEggshell Planters

With the Easter holidays coming up it’s a great time to get out in the garden and plant some seeds. If you don’t have a veggie patch in the ground at home, you can try planting some herbs or lettuce in pots on a windowsill, verandah, deck, or in a courtyard. You can also plant seeds in eggshell planters.

Autumn is also a great season for seed saving. When plants such as parsley and silverbeet have gone to seed, allow the seeds to dry out then harvest and store them in homemade labelled packets (you could use envelopes or brown paper bags) for future planting. Seeds also make great gifts, so why not try taking photos of your veggies in full bloom and print them out to stick on the front of homemade cards. When you harvest seeds from the same plant attach one of your homemade packets of seeds to the inside of the card.

How to make eggshell planters


  • metal skewer
  • clean eggshells
  • seed-raising mix
  • egg carton
  • seeds
  • small stick or chopstick for poking holes in the potting mix
  • bottle with watering cap or spray bottle
  • labels

What to do: 

  1. Using the metal skewer, make several holes in the bottom of each eggshell for drainage and root growth. Be careful not to crush the shell completely!
  2. Gently fill each eggshell with seed-raising mix. 
  3. Set them gently in the egg carton.
  4. Check your seed packet to see how deeply the seeds need to be planted. 
  5. Tip the seeds out of the packet into your hand.
  6. Make a hole the right depth for each seed with the small stick or chopstick.
  7. Drop one or two seeds into each hole.
  8. Pat down the soil and water gently.
  9. When the seedling is big enough, plant it, eggshell and all, into the garden. Don’t forget to label your plants when you plant them.

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