School holiday fun

by User Not Found | Mar 29, 2016

Good times aheadIt’s school holiday season and depending on where you live your children may already be enjoying their first term break or counting down the days to some school holiday fun.  

When it comes to keeping the kids entertained and being creative no matter where you are these school holidays, ASG has already done the hard work for you!

We’ve put together a list of 100 free or inexpensive school holiday activities that will keep the kids entertained, and that doesn’t include watching TV or playing computer games. Because as a parent, carer or grandparent the last thing you want to hear is, 'I’m bored'. 

This eguide is for ‘MY ASG’ subscribers only so without giving too much away, some of the ideas you’ll find are: 

How many songs: Listen to the radio and each person must guess how many songs they will play before you reach your destination.  This game is great because if the kids have guessed too few songs they will actually be wishing that the journey took a little longer instead of screaming, ‘are we there yet?’. 

Snapshot: Get the kids a disposable camera each and have a photographic competition.  For poolside fun get an underwater disposable camera.

Chalk trail: Leave a trail of chalk arrows around your neighbourhood. Your kids get exercise as they follow them as well as learning about the local area with you acting as tour guide. 

Budding playwright: Write and perform a play. Why not try writing and presenting your own play? The script can be written together then various children can be assigned different roles, for example actors, directors, stage design, costume making etc. Then swap the roles around the next time. 

Nature at work:  Construct a volcano from plaster. Let the plaster volcano dry overnight then you can paint it the next day. Use a spoon or a funnel to put the baking soda into the hole in the top of the volcano. Put a little bit of white vinegar into a container and pour in some red food colouring. Carefully pour this mixture into the top of the volcano. Now stand back and wait for the eruption!

In addition to these ideas, here are some useful links to school holiday information and activities: 

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