ASG NEiTA: recognising outstanding teachers

by User Not Found | Apr 04, 2016

NEiTA national recipientsThere are many great teachers and educators who make a real difference not only in the classroom but in children’s lives.

But are they always told how great they are? Do you they know how much of an impact they are having on your child’s learning and development?

There are many ways to tell teachers that they are appreciated and valued for their tireless commitment.

At ASG, we recognise wonderful teachers through the National Excellence in Teaching Awards (NEITA).

ASG NEiTA is Australia’s only community centred teaching awards where parents, grandparents, secondary student councils, school boards/councils, parent associations, committees of management and community organisations get to nominate teachers for an award. 

Now in its 22nd year, we recently honoured the 12 ASG NEiTA recipients at a presentation ceremony in Melbourne.

The recipients from all over Australia received awards for leadership and development, innovation and community engagement.

Supporting children’s education is ASG’s core mission and it’s a motto which the 12 NEiTA recipients live by and put in action each day.

Chief Executive Officer of ASG NEiTA, John Velegrinis says the ASG NEiTA recipients make supporting children’s education possible and they understand the huge responsibility of educating tomorrow’s leaders. 

“I congratulate all of our NEiTA recipients. It is an absolute pleasure to have them as our ASG NEiTA ambassadors and they represent the epitome of dedicated teachers who genuinely care about the educational success and wellbeing of their students. They are education heroes in their own right and I am deeply touched when parents tell us that teachers like these have restored their faith in the education system when they had started to lose hope.

“Instilling a passion for education and a desire to learn is truly one of the greatest gifts that a young person can receive, while education is one of the most important investments that parents, families and communities can make.  This is why ASG NEiTA has thrived for the last 22 years thanks to the contribution of passionate teachers.” 

ASG NEiTA started in 1994 in Australia and 1996 in New Zealand. Since inception, more than 30,000 teachers have been nominated by their communities in the two countries.

Find out more about ASG NEiTA and the 2015 national recipients.  

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