The gift of education: Anita McCarthy

by User Not Found | Apr 13, 2016

The gift of education: Anita McCarthyFor many people in a country like Australia, gaining a quality education would seem to be a right rather than a privilege. 

But not for Anita McCarthy. Growing up in a single parent household with five siblings Anita knows how tough life can be and for her, education was a privilege and not a right.

“Although mum had to manage on a tight budget she never burdened us with any financial worries and we had a very happy childhood,” Anita says. “Mum didn’t have the opportunity to study so as kids we were always encouraged to do well in school. Mum helped out in the school canteen, the library, the playground, the school council—anywhere she could so that we got a good education.”

Knowing the worth of a good education, Anita decided to enrol her nephew Keean with ASG when he was only three months old. Keean celebrated his first birthday late last year.

“Keean’s mum, Carmen is my elder sister and we’ve always been very close,” Anita says. “All through my growing up years Carmen helped me with schoolwork and taught me the importance of education.” So, when Keean was born Anita decided that she would put money aside for her nephew so that he has better life opportunities.

“When Carmen told me she was having a baby I was really excited and I wanted to do something special for her. After all, Carmen taught me to work hard, enjoy school and supported me when I couldn’t cope. The gift for her child had to be something special,” Anita says.

Working next door to ASG’s head office in Melbourne helped. Anita would meet the ASG staff and hear them talk about how ASG is making a difference in young people’s lives. She made up her mind.

“I could have bought Keean any number of things but the gift I have for him is lifelong. No matter what his future is, armed with a good education and not having to worry about where to get the money to pursue his ambition is an added advantage for Carmen and him. This is my way of showing my love for my nephew.”

Anita hopes Keean has a long and healthy life and aims for the stars. Her dream will be fulfilled if Keean can do what he sets his mind to and she will support him anyway she can.

Grandparents also give the gift of education to their grandchildren. Read this recent story which appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald.

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