ASG NEiTA and Monash University mentoring program

by User Not Found | Apr 21, 2016

Have you ever wondered what’s it like to be a teacher?ASG NEiTA and Monash University mentoring program

There are so many teachers who pass on the gift of education to our young learners, but what goes on behind the scenes? What does it take to be an excellent teacher and is it really a 9am-3pm job?

More than 700 first year education students at Monash University got a taste of the classroom through the ASG NEiTA and Monash University mentoring program.  

Now in its second year, the pre-service teachers learnt about real life teaching experiences and tapped into the wisdom of current and former ASG National Excellence in Teaching Award (ASG NEiTA) recipients, who represent some of the best teachers in Australia.

The mentoring program, between ASG and the Faculty of Education at Monash University is an interactive week where students get to engage with practicing teachers through face-to-face forums, Q&A sessions, workshops and online tutorials.

The ASG NEiTA teacher mentors who came from all over Australia were:

Rhada Babicci (Early Childhood) Emmerick Street Community Preschool, NSW

Steven Cameron (Early Childhood) Barbara Kiker Memorial Kindergarten, SA

Michael Harris (Primary) Edge Hill State School, QLD

Drew Roberts (Secondary) Emmanuel Christian School, TAS

Alan Westbury (Secondary) St Philip’s Christian College, NSW

ASG CEO John Velegrinis says the initiative continues to recognise the ASG NEiTA recipients for their dedication to the teaching profession and they work they do in communities across the country. 

“We are really excited about the mentoring program as it will help inspire a new generation of teachers and hopefully, reverse the trend of teaching graduates leaving the profession so early on in their careers.” 

ASG NEiTA Mentoring Programs Leader for semester one, Dr Maria Gindidis from Monash University, says the program will give students a platform where they can learn about effective teaching strategies and discuss professional ethics.

“The ASG NEiTA and Monash Education mentoring program is intended to run across both semesters and that  gives students enough time to absorb what they learn and discuss in the workshops and see the links between theory and a real life classroom setting when they start their teaching placements.”

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