Win for school funding but uncertainty remains for uni students

by User Not Found | May 05, 2016

Win for school funding but uncertainty remains for uni students

The 2016 federal budget has been positioned to be about jobs and growth, and a plan to navigate an economy in transition.

ASG is pleased to see that the 2016 federal budget allocated $1.2 billion in extra funding over three years from 2018 with disabled students to receive $118 million in funding for extra support.

“As an education services provider ASG supports equitable access to education and the opportunity to gain a high quality education. We are happy to see that the budget has committed to three years of funding. We hope that this will be provided according to the individual needs of students in line with the Gonski model, which advocated for a sector-blind funding model that would ensure that all Australian children gain a great education,” says John Velegrinis, ASG’s chief executive officer.

However, despite the budget putting off the proposed deregulation of university fees, students still face uncertainty as to the future of fees.

In a recent survey we conducted we found that the cost of higher education is a major factor which contributes to students’ uncertainty. More than half of all higher education students (56 per cent) were either concerned or very concerned about being able to financially cover their course and living expenses.

The ASG Student Survey also discovered nearly six out of 10 students rely on their parents for financial support while studying and revealed nearly three quarters of students undertake paid work to make ends meet while studying,” he said.

ASG also welcomes the federal government’s move announced as part of the budget to delay any higher education reforms in favour of further consultation. 

“This consultative approach is an appropriate and necessary move and we hope that all relevant stakeholders’ views will be carefully considered to ensure that we are building a strong tertiary education sector that contributes positively to nation building,” says Mr Velegrinis.

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