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by User Not Found | May 31, 2016

children-reading_500x500This week, your children may have joined the thousands of students across Australia who came together for National Simultaneous Storytime and read the book ‘I got this hat.’ 

Hosted by the Australian Library and Information Association, this annual event aims to encourage more young people to read and enjoy books, promoting the value of reading and literacy through Australian children’s books.

The books explore age-appropriate themes and address key learning areas of the National Curriculum for Grades one to six and the pre-school Early Years Learning Framework.

As a parent, how do you encourage your children to read? 

If you want to inspire the love of learning and language with your child, reading aloud with them is the first step.

By reading with your child, not only are you  spending quality time together, it also helps your child develop vital literacy skills which will serve them throughout their lifetime.

Reading with your child is also a simple, effective and low-cost activity that requires as little as 10 minutes a day of your time.

To help you get started, here are our top tips for reading aloud with your child:

•              Allow children to settle down before you begin reading

•              Use children’s rhymes and songs to stimulate an infant’s language and other books that include repetitions

•              As your child grows, add books that contain storylines that they can guess and predict

•              Have your child turn the pages for you to keep them involved.

•              Read slowly and try to vary the tone, volume and kind of voices you use as you read the story.

•              Create a wall chart or list of the books that you and your child have read together, so your child can see his or her progress and mark down their favourite books.

•              Let your child see you reading for learning and pleasure. Have books and magazines around the house for all family members. It doesn’t hurt to turn off the TV occasionally too!

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