Andrew Hillgrove: spotlight on exercise, sports and rehabilitation

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All through childhood and in school Andrew loved his sports, especially cricket and Australian Football League (AFL) and dreamt of playing for the Collingwood Football Club. Participating in sports also meant injuries for which Andrew needed rehabilitation. It was during this rehabilitation, when he visited many physiotherapists and sports scientists, that Andrew became interested in how the human body healed.   

It’s only natural that ASG student Andrew Hillgrove is in his second year studying a Bachelor of Exercise, Sports and Rehabilitation degree at Curtin University, Western Australia.

“I was amazed at how the body heals itself after a major sporting injury with the right exercise and rehabilitation. I worked towards getting in to a degree, which could facilitate my passion. In school I chose human biology and physical education studies, which has helped me at university. 

I also work with a physiotherapist at a semi professional football club and although I don’t treat players, I’ve learnt a lot about how injuries happen and what precautions to take. I’ve learnt how to strap an ankle and a shoulder.”

The course offers students knowledge, application and an understanding of exercise and how to manage various pathological conditions.

Andrew also enjoys the theoretical aspect of his course like how each muscle and bone in the human body work together to create movement. He is also learning about creating sporting and rehabilitation programs for people at different stages of their lives.

He hopes to pursue a Masters in physiotherapy after completing his degree and working overseas.

“I have always dreamt of working in a sporting club in England or Australia and the idea of working overseas excites me.”

It’s not difficult to guess that outside of studies and a part time job Andrew relaxes by playing cricket and football for his local clubs.

“I also coach and umpire at cricket matches and it’s exciting to see young players enjoying their sport,” said Andrew.

You can also check out Andrew’s story in the second edition of ASG’s Scholasticmagazine.


Saleha Singh is ASG’s Scholastic Content Editor at ASG. 

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