ASG Parents Report Card - Aiming High

by User Not Found | Nov 21, 2016

ASG Parents Report Card:

ASG recently launched the second edition of the ASG Parents Report Card in Australia and New Zealand.

ASG Report Card

The ASG Parents Report Card is the only report of its kind to provide a holistic snapshot of the current educational and learning environment for children as perceived by parents.

The findings are very rich and over the next five weeks we’ll explore different elements and identify the broad appeal and reach of the ASG Parents Report Card as it speaks to parents, teachers, students, policy makers and other education stakeholders.

Series one: Aiming High

All parents want the best for their children hoping for a successful and bright career. This sentiment is echoed in the 2016 ASG Parents Report Card, which reveals the majority of parents have relatively high aspirations for their children’s educational success.

Almost nine out of 10 parents agree higher education is important for their children and 77 per cent think a degree will help their child achieve their ambitions.

It is generally accepted that motivation means having a reason for reaching the goals you want. Parents’ desire for their child’s success and achievement also contributes to a strong motivation to succeed with 93 per cent of parents believing their child aims to do well in their learning. 

You can access the full report for more information and get expert tips on how you can help children succeed and aim high.


The ASG Parents Report Card was developed by ASG in partnership with the Faculty of Education at Monash University.

The 2016 edition builds on the inaugural report by surveying the general population and ASG members and captures a broader snapshot of the learning environment—taking into account additional influences such as use of screen time, peer support and social development.


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