ASG Parents Report Card 2016: Series two: ‘Teachers rated highly but parents have some concerns’

by User Not Found | Dec 12, 2016

With the school year almost out, you may have already picked out a gift for yourASG Parents Report Card - teacher with students at computers child’s teacher to say thanks and show your appreciation.  

After all, in some cases, your child can be spending more time with their teachers than yourself—so they’ve got a pretty good understanding of who they are as young people and how they’ve grown throughout the year.  

As someone who supports their child’s teacher, you probably fall into the category of 91 per cent of parents who believes their child’s teacher is very capable. 
Most parents (84 per cent) also think their child’s teacher is highly educated and believe the current curriculum and teaching quality is ensuring that their children have the skills they need. However, there are some concerns. 

Some examples of perceptions which parents have include: 

• Teachers are so bogged down in what is in the curriculum that it doesn’t leave enough time to teach the basics
• Teachers are not adequately trained to teach gifted children or children with learning difficulties
• Teachers are not able to understand that every child has their own way of learning and can’t provide the right support
• Not all teachers are as enthusiastic, supportive and motivating of children as others

It’s important to keep in mind that the concerns of parents could also highlight a gap in their understanding of what teachers do in the classroom. 

If you do have some concerns, make sure you have a chat with your child’s teacher and involving yourself more in your child’s day-to-day learning could change your perception! 


ASG recently launched the second edition of the ASG Parents Report Card in Australia and New Zealand.
The ASG Parents Report Card is the only report of its kind to provide a holistic snapshot of the current educational and learning environment for children as perceived by parents.
The findings are very rich and over the next five weeks we’ll explore different elements and identify the broad appeal and reach of the ASG Parents Report Card as it speaks to parents, teachers, students, policy makers and other education stakeholders
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