So the holidays are here

by Nicole Gundi | Apr 06, 2017

School holidays mean different things to different people. If you don’t have children it means sleeping in for an extra 15 minutes and having a dream run to work. And if you are a parent, it means keeping the kids entertained and occupied and in some cases changing your own routine to make it all happen.So the holidays are here FB

Whatever the case may be, holidays are meant to be enjoyed and stress free. However, with Easter just around the corner and the added excitement of Easter egg hunts, family gatherings and public holidays, it’s important that you strike the right balance of things to do so that your children don’t feel like they need a ‘holiday from the holiday’ when it’s time to go back to school. Sound familiar?

We’ll suggest a few holiday activities for the kids in a sec, but holidays don’t always need to be busy, entertaining, interesting and productive.

Seeing new places and doing new things is always fun, but so is winding down, relaxing, sleeping in, doing nothing in particular and not having to be anywhere by a certain time.

Some tips:

  • Don’t over-commit to holiday activities
  • Try to avoid leaving everything to the last minute
  • Plan for picnics or afternoon tea in a local park, or get together with families or friends.
  • Give electronic entertainment a few days off.

To also help you out with a few holiday activities which’ll keep the kids busy we’ve chosen a handful from the ASG e-guide, ‘Mum, Dad-I’m bored’ which means you’ll be prepared when they hit you up for things to do:

Map of the world holidays:  Get out a map or globe of the world and take imaginary journeys by sticking a drawing pin into the map and then learning something about that selected country. Also use some plasticine rolled into a ball and press onto the globe.

Play fun at low cost:  Make playdough. You don’t have to buy expensive brand name playdough, it’s much more fun to make it at home with the kids. Combine one cup of plain white flour, half a cup of salt, one cup of water and two tablespoons of cream of tartar. Mix the combination in a saucepan then add one tablespoon of oil and some vegetable dye. Cook in the saucepan until thick then put in the fridge to cool. If stored in the fridge and kept moist, your homemade playdough will last for weeks.

Press flowers:  Gather or pick flowers and leaves, then place them between sheets of greaseproof paper and press them between the pages of a good thick book. Once flattened and dried out, the flowers and leaves are great to use as elements of a natural art piece or for creating your own cards to send to friends.

Family history:  Interview and write about an older relative. You might be surprised how much the kids learn, “Did you know ball point pens weren’t even invented when grandma was born, much less computers”?

Snapshot: Get the kids a disposable camera each and have a photographic competition. For poolside fun get an underwater disposable camera.

All aboard:  A steam train trip, or even a ride on your local train can be a great adventure for young children.

Chalk trail: Leave a trail of chalk arrows around your neighbourhood. Your kids get exercise as they follow them, as well as learning about the local area with you acting as tour guide. Finish up the trail at a milk bar for a nice ice creamy reward!



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