ASG-ACE Teachers Report Card reveals highs and lows of teaching profession

by Ramya Manoharan | Jul 20, 2017


One in five teachers have considered leaving the profession in the past three months, while close to 50 per cent of educators feel stressed either ‘most of the time’ or ‘fairly often’ in a typical week.

These are some of the findings in the inaugural ASG-ACE Teachers Report Card 2017, a joint initiative between ASG and the Australian College of Educators (ACE), released recently. As many as 380 teachers were surveyed on a range of issues, including testing, curriculum, stress, wellbeing, support, engagement, satisfaction, technology and opportunity at schools. Those who participated in the survey teach at government, private and faith based schools around Australia.

The other findings in the report are:

  • Almost half of educators (49 per cent) believe that there is too much standardised testing (e.g. NAPLAN) in schools, while three per cent of teachers surveyed believe there is too little.
  • Teachers in faith based schools say they have the worst work-life balance, with 74 per cent reporting a typical week is either ‘less balanced than they would like’ or ‘not balanced at all’.
  • 49 per cent of government school teachers believe students are missing out on educational opportunities either ‘very often’ or ‘often’ because of their parents’ financial situation.
  • 47 per cent of government school educators believe the level of infrastructure at their school is either ‘inadequate or non-existent’, compared to 24 per cent of private school teachers and 21 per cent of faith based school teachers.
  • Close to a quarter of teachers (23 per cent) believe the amount of homework students receive is too much, while 10 per cent of educators believe there is not enough homework.

But, the picture is not all bleak. Teachers are passionate and love their jobs. The report reveals that nine out of ten teachers reported a sense of pride about their profession and speak positively about their jobs to their friends and family. In fact, 96 per cent of educators said that they found teaching very rewarding and 91 per cent were very satisfied or satisfied with their profession.

Helen Jentz, CEO of the Australian College of Educators, says, “It’s heartening the vast majority of teachers feel satisfied and are proud of what they do, but more needs to be done. We all have a role to play to ensure investment, infrastructure and technology opportunities at schools are improved, student and parent engagement levels rise and the standing of the teaching profession are more valued by the broader public.”

ASG CEO John Velegrinis says the report comprehensively measured teachers’ opinions on a range of topics. Teachers play a valuable and inspirational role in the development of our young people and it’s essential their views are heard and discussed by decision makers, policy makers and key stakeholders with a passion for the education sector.

“The worst thing we can do is ignore the opinions of our teachers who are playing a critical role in shaping the future of Australia,” Velegrinis said.

ASG-ACE Teachers Report Card 2017: full report

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