Top 10 tips for cyber safety

by Ramya Manoharan | Jul 31, 2017
Stay safe online


For many young children the internet can be a magical place, but they may not be aware of the many dangers such as viruses, strangers online, identity theft, phishing or even social networking etiquette. Even older children, who are likely to have come across these terms, may not know the best way to deal with them or safeguard their personal identity.

Recently, ASG conducted a webinar titled Staying safe online – everyone has a role to play to help parents and children have constructive conversations around digital use, and looked at the 3 Cs of cyber safety – contact, conduct and content. The webinar was facilitated by Jeremy Blackman, Senior Advisor of Cyber Safety at the Alannah & Madeline Foundation, specialists in the field.

Here are the top 10 takeaways from the webinar:

  1. Create an acceptable use agreement for your families using the 3Cs – contact, content, and conduct - to facilitate conversation. Make sure children are involved in this process.
  2. Set up safe search and security controls on your handheld devices and PC
  3. Agree on where computers, laptops and mobile devices can be used in the home (such as in bedrooms, lounge rooms etc).
  4. Lights out = wifi off
  5. Agree on screen time use, decide on ‘screen free’ times during the day and night.
  6. Get involved – show an interest in what your child is doing online.
  7. Talk to your child’s teacher and school.
  8. If your child reports an issue to you, don’t threaten to take away their device – this may force them to become secretive.
  9. Learn how various social network / game services work. Use websites such as Games, apps and social networking from the eSafety office.
  10. If you are bullied online don’t retaliate, collect evidence, report, change privacy setting, block and tell a trusted adult.

ASG members can access a recording of the webinar on the member portal till the end of August.

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