These little ones are dreaming big! With career aspirations including doctor, marine biologist, artist and archaeologist, ASG’s clever kids are full of passion and hopes for the future. Some have already been recognised for their talents as part of ASG’s Art and Literary awards.

Ashley winner of Art Award

For the love of art

When Ashley was a year old she picked up her first pencil and started to draw. This love of art resulted in her winning ASG’s Junior Art award in the Computer Art category in 2014. Ashley’s inspiration was Sonic the Hedgehog—a cartoon character. 

A typical day for Ashley is attending school from 8am to 3pm and then coming home to complete her homework. That taken care of Ashley plays with her little sister and draws some more. 

“I love drawing and have inherited this passion from my dad,” Ashley says. “My parents have always supported me in my love for art and I get constructive tips from them.” 

Ashley plays the cello as part of her school’s orchestra and is also in the school’s band where she plays the euphonium. She takes ballet classes and is in to rhythmic gymnastics. 

When not doing any of the above, Ashley enjoys playing Minecraft and Skylanders on her play station.​

Eric Yang winner of Art Award

Patchy lioness wins the Art Awards

Eric loves animals and he likes lions the most as they are fierce and powerful. Eric translated this love in to his award winning Patchy lioness and won the ASG’s Junior Art Awards in 2014.

Eric’s love for drawing started when he was in preschool where he drew all the time. He asked his mum if he could attend art classes and take drawing lessons to improve his talent. 

A typical day for Eric is going to school and studying. He enjoys playing soccer with his family and loves drawing alone. He also takes swimming and taekwondo lessons.

Andrew Yang winner of Art Award

Favourite place wins top award

Like his twin, Andrew loves drawing and in 2014 won Dymock’s Camberwell Art Award for Reflection of the Tower in the painting category. In his drawing class Andrew was asked to draw his favourite place and he chose the Guangzhou Tower because he enjoyed his visit to Guangzhou (China) and the tower has been etched in his mind.

Andrew started drawing when he accompanied his twin, Eric for art classes. He found drawing very interesting and now excels in it. 

Andrew attends Carlton Public School and enjoys studying and playing soccer. He enjoys playing sports more than studying and enjoys swimming and taekwondo too.​