How to use ASG's cost calculator

  1. Enter the name of your child
  2. Enter 'Birth date' in dd/mm/yyyy format
  3. Select a state or national average from the drop down menu to view relevant amounts
  4. Select 'Location' - Metro or Regional
  5. Select the stage or stages of education relevant to you. Please note the tool is designed to give you a future estimate of education costs, not historic. Where relevant:
    1. Under Preschool, Primary or Secondary School, select  type' - Government, Private or Systemic/Catholic. 
    2. Select a 'University profession' from the drop down menu e.g. Accountant
    3. Choose a ‘University living arrangement’ from the drop down menu e.g. Family home
  6. Press Calculate 
    • You can now view the total estimated cost according to the state your child will be attending school or the national average (dependent on your selection criteria).
    • To view a detailed cost breakdown, scroll down the page.

    NOTE FOR NT: A very small number of responses were received from the Northern Territory in the most recent survey.  As such, the provision of cost estimates for the Northern Territory in isolation would be highly unreliable and therefore have not been included.  It is recommended that those in the Northern Territory refer to the national figures or the figures for adjoining states as a basis for planning.

    What if I have problems?

    • Reset the calculator (press the 'Reset' button next to the 'Calculate' button), and re-enter your data.
    • Alternatively, close the calculator and re-open it from the calculator page and re-enter your data.
    • Please ensure you have enabled the Javascript setting in your Internet browser.
    • If you are still having problems, try again at another time or email and outline your computer operating system and browser type and version, along with the issues you experienced.