Amber Whitecliffe is a fashion designer with her own fashion label and boutique in Parnell, Auckland.

Amber’s love for fashion started early in her life—with her late father being an artist and her mum running an arts and design college.  

“Growing up I was a total girly-girl, who loved pink frocks and frills, lipstick and walls covered with images from teenage magazines. Discovering that I could have a career in something I actually loved was great. I also inherited my dad’s creativity and mum supported me in my endeavours.”  

But having a dream and actually making it work are two very different things. “I’d never touched a sewing machine before,” Amber said. “But it’s amazing what you can achieve when you’re passionate and driven. Also my attributes of tenacity and hard work saw me through my initial days.”  

After graduating from university Amber worked in a variety of roles in the fashion industry before starting her own fashion line—Amber Whitecliffe—in early 2014. Amber designs and makes high-end women’s wear, and showed for the first time in the New Zealand Fashion Week. Owning her business was a bold move and it has been a tough year but Amber says she’s learnt heaps and really enjoys what she does. 

“My biggest inspirations have been my parents,” Amber said. “Dad passed away when I was very young and I have his photo on my desk, which helps me stay positive. After dad’s demise mum had a tough time managing the family and a new business. But she persevered and she’s passed on her energy, motivation, work ethics and passion to me.” 

Amber is always on the lookout for something exciting and different and her latest line Mrs Pinto showcases her versatility  

Outside of designing Amber enjoys playing indoor netball, runs and walks to Mt Eden, and spending time with her husband. 

Of the future Amber says, she looks forward to expanding her brand to Australia and further but she’s taking one step at a time. At the moment she’s excited about the thrill and challenge of a new day.


Amber's Boutique