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  • Education opportunities for daughter and granddaughter
  • Motivation to pursue university
  • Grandparents understand the need to plan
  • The gift of education
Education is very important, and I hope Aurora has the same opportunities that her mother Emma had. For many young people finance is a major reason why they can’t complete their education. I want Aurora to have a head start at least.

Single mum Caryn from Victoria enrolled her daughter and granddaughter in ASG

When we enrolled our children in ASG, it was to fund their future education. The money that we contributed every month was specifically for their university studies. We thought this would motivate our children to work hard, and getting the scholarship benefit would also help them during their uni days. It would be a good start to their lives – in their late teens and early twenties.

Sunil from NSW on why ASG has been important to them

As parents and grandparents we believe that our children and grandchildren need our support so that they can have a secure future. We are very proud of what Edward has achieved; now we will focus on Lucy and provide her with the financial support and encouragement she needs for a good education. As a grandmother I feel this is very important.

Mother and now grandmother Raja from WA says education earns respect

Grandmother and grandson
We were touched when the Y Service Club offered (our son) Jake the gift of education. Education is very important to us. It will give him an opportunity to chase his dreams and choose a career that he enjoys.

David and Claire Kovacic, Victorian members of ASG

European family of four 

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Technology costs surprise parents

ASG members Paul and Rosemary say their education fund helps take
away the uncertainty around costs they never imagined budgeting for. 

Recommendation leads to ‘act now’ impulse 

When ASG members Carson and Annissa had their first child, saving
for education wasn’t even on their minds, but that need soon became a reality.

Happiness leads to good education

ASG member Paul Cini says ASG helps him save with ease to ensure his children are happy are reach their full education potential

Education for the next generation

ASG member Kanny Lai had it drilled into her about the importance of education, and now she’s sowing the same seed for her daughter.

Good things come to those who wait

ASG members Travis & Stefani know their daughters will have a bright education and benefit from their future education cost planning.

ASG Member Testimonial – Bradley & Alex

Students, Bradley & Alex, talk about how ASG has helped their university education.

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