Arushi is excited, very excited. After six years of studying for a medical degree she will start her life as a doctor. Arushi’s first placement will at the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle and she can’t wait for that day.

Arushi loves the country life where the community is tight knit and supportive. “We migrated to Australia when I was three years old and I spent my childhood in small towns like Condobolin, Parkes, Tamworth, Narrabri and Muswellbrook”, Arushi said.

She spent most of her time outdoors with friends and playing with animals in and around the house. Many times she brought injured animals and birds home to care for them. “My love for caring started early but initially I wanted to be a vet or a marine biologist. When I was finishing high school I decided I wanted to be a doctor,” Arushi said.

“I attended the local country high school and studied hard to get the requisite marks. Throughout, my teachers and parents supported me in this journey. Also, coming from a family that believes in education—mum has a PhD in Chemistry and dad is a surgeon—I knew this is what I wanted to do. Education for me is the greatest gift, the best investment one can make. Research also shows that a society which invests in education has less crime, poverty, discrimination and gender inequality.”

Arushi is fascinated with the human body and loves the practical and ‘hands-on’ approach. Medicine for her is ever evolving, ever changing—no two patients are the same—and the lateral thinking and power of investigation excites and challenges her. She enjoys meeting people and feels privileged that she can help them when they’re at their most vulnerable. “My professor once said ‘there are no truths in medicine, only current knowledge’, and it's an honour to use this knowledge to serve and even save lives” Arushi said.

Arushi is looking forward to specialising in ophthalmology—a medical speciality, which deals with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye. As part of her degree she did a year’s research in ophthalmology and spent four weeks at the Sydney Eye Hospital observing and learning. She also attended the Harvard Medical School’s Advanced Ophthalmology Clerkship—a great learning experience.

“Eventually I would like to set up my practice in the country,” Arushi said. “There is a shortage of doctors in regional, rural and remote areas, and I’d like to offer my services to the communities that supported me during my youth.”

Outside of a busy life Arushi enjoys swimming, running, reading, sketching, listening to music, travelling and exploring different cultures and languages. She specially likes spending time with her family, friends and her beloved German shepherd.

ASG student Arushi Singh