ASG supports parents and children throughout their education journey

It’s never too early to start planning for your child’s future. Whatever your goals, the cost of education will be significant.  

ASG’s education funds are a proactive way to plan for the costs of your child’s education. With some forward planning and budgeting, you can give your child the best chance to achieve their potential. 

A healthy balanced education ensures that children have choices.

Mark and Brenda, ASG members

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Whether you plan to send your child to a private or state-integrated school, planning for their education is vital.

No one else simplifies the process of planning for the cost of education like ASG. Our Education Funds offer a versatile range of options that put you in control. 

Family with daughter
My husband and I have put a plan in place to give our daughter choices for a bright future.

Vanaja, ASG member

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It’s easy to overlook the total cost of education. For this reason, it’s important to plan ahead. 

Making regular contributions towards the cost of your child’s education will give you peace of mind now, and greater opportunities to choose the best education for your child in the future. 

Father and daughter 
When we needed [the money] for our children’s education, we had it.

Steven and Victoria, ASG members

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Give your grandchildren the gift of education and the best chance for a bright future. 

Leave a lasting legacy for your grandchildren. ASG’s Education Funds give you peace of mind that you are planning for the future and supporting your grandchildren to fulfil their potential. 

For many young people finance is a major reason why they can’t complete their education.

Caryn, ASG member

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Things to consider during your child's education

Total cost of education

Career choices

Educational resources

Emotional wellbeing

Planning financially for education

Planning the education journey

Why choose ASG

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Key benefits ASG provides in supporting your child's education journey 

Tax effective funds

Profits reinvested to benefit members

Educational Information

Member discounts and offers

Variety of education plans

Educational products and services

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