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  • A solid education is important for lifelong learning
  • Motivation to pursue university
  • Grandparents understand the need to plan
  • The gift of education
By enrolling our children in ASG, we have ensured that further education is likely and even possible for our children.

Vida and Hank from New Zealand enrolled their eight children in ASG

We were pretty sure that our children would go to university. We liked the compulsory savings part of the funds, and we would like to think that our children would walk away from university without a student loan. We also liked the scholarship part of the benefits, and the fact that this was available to students who went on to tertiary studies.

ASG New Zealand members Ross and Jane

As parents and grandparents we believe that our children and grandchildren need our support so that they can have a secure future. We are very proud of what Edward has achieved; now we will focus on Lucy and provide her with the financial support and encouragement she needs for a good education. As a grandmother I feel this is very important.

Mother and now grandmother Raja says education earns respect

Grandmother and grandson
The girls have been benefitting from our investment since Rebecca went to university to study Bio-medical Science. The Scholarship Benefit definitely helped her with text books, sports fees, and living expenses while she studied at Otago University.

Andy and Barb, New Zealand members of ASG


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With career aspirations including doctor, marine biologist, artist and archaeologist, ASG’s clever kids are full of hope for the future.


Member testimonials

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