ASG NZ member Michele WIn 1993 Michele and her husband enrolled their three children in ASG, when they were little. The choice was whether to send the children to a private school or save money for their future education. After more than 20 years Michele is glad that they decided to go with ASG. Today her three children are well settled in jobs that they truly love.

“Five years after enrolling our children in ASG I lost my husband to cancer. It was tough and traumatic for me—bringing up three children and running a business simultaneously,” Michele said. “But ASG stepped in and saw me through my difficult days and the support you gave me was invaluable.”

ASG applied family protection cover (cover in the case of a prime member’s passing) to Michele’s membership, so she could relax knowing that when her children went to university they would receive scholarship benefits. Michele could concentrate on her new business and today her art and design school is considered to be one of the top art schools in New Zealand—both for graduate and post-graduate studies.

“My business has flourished because of the hard work I put in. And looking back I’m glad I didn’t have to worry about my daughter, Amber’s school fees and later my children’s university fees.

Amber is a fashion designer with her own clothing line. My son Hayden is a Creative Director with an international media design company, and my youngest boy, Laken is an artist who lives and works in New York/New Jersey, USA.”

ASG Parents Report Card

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