ASG NZ member JozefEducation opens up a world of opportunities that doesn’t distinguish between ethnicities and borders. It’s a legacy that members Maynard and Jo-Ann will leave behind for their children and hope is passed on to the next generation.

Maynard and Jo-Ann moved from the Philippines to New Zealand and onward to Australia because, “we wanted our children to get a better start in life,” Maynard says. “We moved to New Zealand because of the clean and green environment, community spirit and safety. Once the children started growing up the next logical step was to move to Australia because of its larger economic base and position in the world.”

With two gifted children—Jozef and Maynah—Maynard says education is the greatest gift they can give their children.

Jozef started reading at the age of three, and by eight had his first book published for library circulation in New Zealand. He holds the distinction of being the youngest lawyer to graduate at 18 years in the southern hemisphere. Along with studies Jozef excels in music and sports.

Maynah taught herself to read when she was three years old and has also been learning ballet since then. “Maynah presents a very unique challenge—both as a special ability and a special needs student—due to her hearing impairment,” Maynard says.

Maynah has scholarship offers in basketball, is an excellent swimmer, and holds a green belt in taekwondo. She intends to publish her first novel, is walking the ramp, excelling in ballet, and is one of the youth leaders in her church group.

“We couldn’t be prouder of our children’s achievements,” Maynard says, “and their walls are adorned with certificates and trophies. But the first certificate they both saw were the ASG certificates, and they grew up knowing that their future education was safe.

“For us education was the greatest gift we could give our children and ASG allowed us to do so. My wife did a lot of background research and ASG came out tops. She is the driving force behind our ASG membership,” Maynard says.

No matter what the future holds for Jozef and Maynah, Maynard and Jo-Ann will support them. However, they see Maynah leaning more towards the natural sciences although her heart is in dancing and she wants to be a prima ballerina one day.

Jozef is already a lawyer and is interested in manmade policies, laws and governance, and wants to be a change manager that will affect humanity positively.

ASG Parents Report Card

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