ASG-NZ-member-testimonials-Edward-Olivia-HamishAs parents with tertiary education, Members Cath and Roger value the importance and goal of a tertiary education for their children.

“Way back in the 90s an ASG Counsellor came to our kindergarten and explained the benefits of investing in our children’s education. Our children were very young, and we wanted some financial independence for them when they grew up—especially since we are a farming family. So we enrolled Hamish and Olivia and hoped they would aim towards a tertiary education, and have career choices when they grew up.” Cath told us.

“Financially too, it was a reasonable commitment for us. Both Roger and I appreciated the value of this investment, and we hoped for a positive outcome,” Cath said. “As parents we were setting them up to succeed. So when Edward was born we enrolled him too, ensuring that all our children got equal opportunities.

“Hamish, our eldest, has completed a four-year Agricultural Science degree, and Olivia is finishing her Communications and Journalism degree. Both have looked forward to receiving their Scholarship Benefits, and we are happy and grateful that our forward thinking helped.

“Edward, our youngest is in Year 12, and is considering his tertiary options. He’s aware that there is an expectation and funding available for his future education.

“ASG has been a great success for us and we’d encourage parents to take up the opportunity to invest in their children’s education.”

ASG Parents Report Card

The ASG Parents Report Card 2017 investigates the state of education in New Zealand from parents’ perspective. Download your FREE copy now.