Important information about ASG's education cost and savings calculator

Education costs:

  • This calculator is designed to provide an estimate of the future total cost of education per student and a reasonable basis for planning. ASG provides this estimate as a guide only, and cannot guarantee that this will represent the actual costs of education for a particular child or series of children. The estimate is based upon current information, such as the cost of private and state school education (derived from research and statistical data of education costs paid by parents from the ASG Cost of Education Index) as well as relevant assumptions (such as the projected change in education costs across New Zealand based on changes over the last decade).
  • The impact of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) changes increases have been considered in calculating all total figures, and where applicable the relevant sub-index group has been applied accordingly to estimated costs.

For more information and full details regarding the cost of education index please refer to the FAQ's

Savings forecasts:

  • All savings forecasts in this report are based on information provided by you.  The information provided by the calculator and in this report is of a general nature and is not intended to be considered financial, personal or taxation advice. Neither the calculator nor the report take into account your individual circumstances, your financial situation or education or financial needs. You should consider obtaining financial advice and reading the appropriate PDS before making any financial decision based on the calculator or this report.
  • The savings calculation assumes that the total education costs are deducted from the fund at the beginning of the year, with investment returns, taxes and fees calculated on the balance after the annual deductions.
  • Net investment returns are calculated annually based on the investment return percentage selected by you in the calculator parameters, the regular contributions made, and the savings balance after education expenses are paid.  Any variation to these elements will impact the net investment return figures in the calculator and this report.
  • ASG’s average net investment return (bonus rate after fees and taxes) for the past 10 years is 3.7% p.a – which is the default used in the calculator.  This result is not an indication of future performance.
  • Net Savings is the savings net of education costs.
  • The savings actually needed to fund the school fees you are targeting will also depend on factors such as the asset mix backing your investment, and any fees and charges that are payable in respect of those investments or savings products.

Collection of personal information

  • ASG collects personal information for the purposes of personalising and delivering the Education costs and savings report to users and to contact users in accordance with our privacy policy.
  • Data input into the calculator and included in the education costs and savings report is also stored and used for market analysis.  This data is de-identified to remove names and other personal details such as email addresses and phone numbers.