A holistic approach to education

We understand that, as a parent, not only do you want the best schooling for your child but you also want to support them socially and emotionally throughout their education journey.

So in addition to financial support, ASG provides access to a range of tools, information and advice to support families navigate their child’s education journey.

These resources have been developed with leading organisations, authors and parenting experts and includes people such as Professor Joseph Sparling (early childhood educator and founder of the Abecedarian Approach), Professor Michael Bernard (Child Psychologist and founder of You Can Do It! Education), and Michael Grose (Parenting Expert and founder of ParentingIdeas Club).

This is an expanding area for ASG, not only with regard to the resources but the leading people and organisations we work with. Please enjoy what is on offer today and in the future!


The My ASG website provides parents with an expanding range of education, parenting and career content, tools and resources as well as member discounts and special offers to support their children’s education now and into the future.

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Learning Games®

What has been thought as ‘only child’s play’ turns out to be very important. Children who learn and explore in infancy and early childhood, start kindergarten and school with a desire to learn.

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ASG Books

ASG has selected a range of educational books which encourage the growth and use of the mind and have been written by specialists in their field.

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ASG offers more than financial products – we also provide educational resources to help families navigate their child’s education journey. These products are fun, while designed to assist your child’s development.

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