RonanSo, how does a four-year-old spend his day? Like most children his age, Ronan goes to kindi in the mornings. He particularly enjoys the formal ‘mat time'—where children sit on a mat/carpet and do tasks together as a group like reading and sharing the news. You see, he's getting ready to go to school this year.

Ronan, who has a vivid imagination, also enjoys dressing up—sometimes as a doctor, a pirate, Spiderman, a cowboy, a policeman, and even as a knight ready to slay dragons. Ronan plays the ukulele, and puts on shows for his parents, making up his own unique songs as he goes along. He can also spend hours creating amazing vehicles with his Lego set.

What does our young musician want to be when he grows up? "I want to be lots of things," Ronan said. "But maybe I want to be a doctor because then I can learn about people's lungs and bones, and other stuff. I also want to be a fireman because I like spraying water."

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