ASG’s Privacy Statement

We recognise the importance of protecting the personal information that we collect, receive, hold and use about you and your family. We are committed to complying with the privacy laws and requirements of your country of residence (being The Privacy Act 1988 in Australia and The Privacy Act 1993 in New Zealand).

ASG is a friendly society which provides a range of products, information and resources to support children’s education from their early learning stage through to post-secondary studies. These include:

  • education benefit funds to help members plan and provide for their children’s education costs
  • ASG School Plan, an annual school fee payment service
  • a range of educational resources and advice from a variety of providers to support parents and families in understanding their children’s education journey delivered through the MYASG member only website
  • ASG You Can Do It! Education (YCDI!), a program that helps children build social and emotional resilience
  • a range of DVDs and CDs designed to support the Australian curriculum
  • memberships and member only discounts on a variety of products and services, as well as limited offers and competitions.

These constitute the business purposes of ASG. We collect, receive, hold and use information in order to perform:

  • these business purposes, functions or activities and any others adopted by ASG from time to time
  • related or consequential functions and activities
  • functions and activities which are known to, consented to or reasonably expected by you.

These are the purposes for which personal information is collected, received, held and used by ASG and its group of subsidiary companies and entities (ASG Group) (“the privacy purposes”).

We will collect, hold, use and dispose of your information in accordance with the privacy laws and requirements of the countries in which we conduct our functions and activities and have business offices (being the Privacy Act 1988 in Australia and the Privacy Act 1993 in New Zealand).

Collection of your information

ASG has a wide range of business purposes, products and services and, as such, needs to collect, hold, use and disclose information that allows us to perform our privacy purposes.

We only collect or hold information which is reasonably necessary to perform a privacy purpose. Examples of the information we may need for a privacy purpose may include some or all of your name, address, birth date and contact details, the name, birth date and address of your children, the schools your children attend, your bank account or credit card details, your employment details, your family circumstances, health information, education aspirations and objectives,  etc. This list is not exclusive.

Our privacy purposes are:

  • our business purposes, functions or activities and any others adopted by ASG from time to time
  • related or consequential functions and activities
  • functions and activities which are known to, consented to or reasonably expected by you.

Examples of activities related to one of our business purposes, functions or activities includes and are not limited to marketing and promoting our products, market and product research and development, obtaining and managing leads and referrals, managing and administering memberships or financial product accounts, managing and developing our relationship with you, responding to and resolving product and service queries or complaints, processing and issuing invoices, cheques, notices of member meetings, compiling, collating and analysing statistical information which includes your information, identifying products or services that may be needed by or useful to you or your family, conducting member surveys, debt collection and management, making submissions to governments, government departments, regulators or industry associations involving member statistics or data, etc. This list is not exclusive and may vary from time to time. These activities may be conducted by ASG itself or in conjunction with other parties.

We will collect your information by fair and lawful means. We will usually collect this information from you but we will collect information about you from third parties or indirectly where it is impractical or impossible for us to obtain this information from you. Examples where we might do so include and are not limited to your friends, relatives or affiliates providing us with your name and contact details for the purposes of introducing or referring ASG to you; obtaining your contact details from a promotion or competition or public event such as a market, fair or convention; obtaining your contact details from a publicly available or commercial client or membership list from a third party; obtaining information from the school, institution, kindergarten or childcare centre your child(ren) attend; obtaining information from your bank, employer or professional advisor or a debt collection agency; etc. When we obtain information from third parties we will advise you of this and provide you with an option to unsubscribe or instruct us not to use your information.

Information provided to one member of the ASG Group will be shared with subsidiaries and related entities of ASG.

Use of your information

We will use your information for direct marketing purposes. These purposes include and are not limited to instances where we promote and inform you about your membership, your account, our products and services, discounts and offers from third parties on their products and services. Direct marketing is an essential part of our business purposes, functions and activities and is a reasonable expectation of our Members and potential Members. In doing so we will comply with privacy, anti-spam, do-not-call, financial service and other legal and practice requirements. We will also give you the option to not receive direct marketing communications. We will effect an opt-out in a reasonable time and this will be at no expense to you.

Should you become a member or purchase our products or services we will ask you for your (nominated) bank account details, your credit card payment details, and your credit card payment or direct debit authorisation should you choose to pay by these means. This is necessary to enable payments for our products or services to be made by you, particularly should this supply arrangement be ongoing. You do not have to give us this information or authorisation, however if you don’t we may not be able to complete your transactions and provide the products and services you seek. These details are used for payment authorisation only and will be held in a secure environment as banking records.

We will take reasonable action to destroy or de-identify your information if it is no longer needed for any of our privacy purposes.

We may from time to time ask you for, or collect information for, specific purposes, functions or activities which are not mentioned in this Statement. We will do so in accordance with this Statement and we will explain to you at that time what information we are collecting, how it is collected and will be used, the purpose for its collection and the consequences should it not be provided.


You have the right to ask to deal with ASG anonymously or by using a pseudonym and we will respect and effect this right if and where we can. We will advise you when you request anonymity or pseudonymity whether we can comply with your request and any consequences of your request.

We will advise you when a transaction is instigated of the mandatory and non-mandatory information we require to effect this transaction and achieve your instructions. However, we forewarn that in most transactions relating to your membership, your account or the supply of our products and services it is impractical or not possible to comply with such a request and we will have to identify you. Examples of where we cannot deal with you anonymously or by use of a pseudonym include and are not limited to the following:

  • to open a Member Account in one of our Education Benefit Funds or effect a transaction pertaining to that account
  • to become a Member of ASG School Plan
  • to provide or deliver a product or service
  • to comply with other legal obligations including Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism identity and verification checks
  • to ascertain the status of a supply or service request,
  • to effect payments by direct debit or credit card
  • to provide tax receipts or proof of purchase documents
  • to ascertain previous orders or supplies
  • to vary your product or service arrangements
  • to manage and administer your membership or membership account
  • to investigate a service query or a complaint or dispute, etc.

In these instances we will only ask for information which is reasonably necessary for us to perform our functions and activities and to give effect to your requested transaction.

Access to and updating of your personal information

You can ask ASG, at any time, to confirm whether it holds information about you and to provide you with access to that information.

You can ask ASG to correct or update any information we hold about you and we will record and action your request at no expense to you. If we are unable to provide access or comply with your request we will explain why.

Requests should be directed to the ASG Privacy Officer at first instance and contact details appear at the end of this Statement.

Disclosure to third parties

ASG may disclose your information to third parties, its related entities and subsidiaries, authorised agents and advisors, or an organisation with which ASG has or forms a joint business or collaborative arrangement. Such disclosure is reasonably necessary to fulfil a particular business purpose, function or activity of ASG or comes within our privacy purposes. Examples may include, but are not limited to debt collection and recovery, complaint or dispute resolution, obtaining legal advice including litigation, obtaining professional advice or services including tax and actuarial services, business restructures or process improvements and modifications, the use of consultants to supply or assist in the supply of our products and services, regulators or law enforcement authorities, direct marketing and promotion of products and services etc.

Where possible we will seek to protect your privacy by means of grouping or accumulating your information with other individuals’ information, de-personalising or masking your information, minimising the number of recipients, risk managing the disclosure process, or reducing only parts of your personal information, etc.

ASG will not sell, rent or trade your information to any third party without your consent and will comply with privacy and other laws in doing so.

Transfer of personal information

ASG, its offices and personnel are located in Australia and New Zealand and your information will be collected, held, used and disposed of in these countries.

ASG utilises a Cloud service provider which has back-up servers located overseas (in Singapore) and your personal information will be transferred outside Australia to these overseas locations. Such transfer is subject to obligations on the recipient to act in a manner consistent with the privacy policy and statement of ASG and Australian and New Zealand privacy and information transfer/management laws and requirements.

Privacy of children

We are additionally mindful and respectful of the privacy of children. As a risk management practice we will seek to engage with children under the age of 16 only via their parents, families, guardians or carers.

Privacy complaints

ASG has an effective process in place to respond to any privacy complaints or queries.

Should you wish to utilise this process you are invited to contact the ASG business with which you dealt at first instance to lodge your complaint and seek its resolution. If you are unsatisfied with this process you may then proceed to contact the ASG Privacy Officer and seek their involvement in the resolution of your query or complaint. Enquiries or complaints can be directed to the relevant ASG business at:

23-35 Hanover Street

Oakleigh Vic 3166


Tel: 613 9276 7777

Communication with the ASG Privacy Officer can be made at the same address and in addition via email.

We will seek to respond to your query or your complaint fairly and efficiently. We will investigate your complaint and try to respond to or resolve your complaint within 30 days, but may require more time if your complaint is complex or the relevant officers are absent or information is unavailable at that time. We will keep you informed of our processes and timeframes.

In the event that we are unable to resolve your complaint you may lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner (Australia) or the New Zealand Privacy Commissioner. Further information on privacy matters is available on their respective websites.

Website privacy

When you visit an ASG website to read or download information, our internet service providers may record your address, domain name, the date and time of your visit to our site, the pages visited and the information downloaded. This information is used for statistical and website development purposes.

Should you decide to use the facilities our website offers we will ask you to provide certain information. The extent of this information will vary depending on which business segment of the website you are visiting. Our site provides application forms and information services for customers who wish to participate in, purchase or obtain further information on our products and services. In these cases, the information is essential for us to be able to identify who is entitled to Member-privileged services, and as such is mandatory. However, on particular pages where we ask you for personal information, we will explicitly tell you that the information we are collecting on that page may be shared with other parties. In such cases, your act of disclosure of your personal information shall be deemed as your specific and express consent, and shall override anything to the contrary in this Privacy Policy.

ASG assures that you can visit our website with confidence. We will take reasonable steps to preserve the security of personal information, in line with this Privacy Policy. In most browsers, there is a mechanism to check whether data transmissions are secure or not. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed as totally secure. Once we receive your transmission however, we take reasonable steps to preserve the security of the information in our own systems.

Advertising tracking

We may track your visit to our website by using 'cookies' which are provided by a third party. This enables us to compile statistical information about the use of our website in order to measure the effectiveness of our advertising. We also use this information for re-marketing purposes.  If you prefer not to allow the use of 'cookies', you may be able to adjust your browser to turn them off or to notify you when 'cookies' are being used. However, if you disable cookies, you may not be able to access certain areas or take advantage of certain features or services on our website.

The information that we collect is anonymous and not personally identifiable. It does not contain your name, address, telephone number or email address.

Links with other sites

ASG's website contains links to other sites. Other sites may also have links to our website. In either case, we are not responsible for the content, privacy practices or business practices of any website or company except our own.

More information

If you would like further information about the privacy policy or statement of ASG, please contact ASG as follows:

The ASG Privacy Officer

Telephone: 613 9276 7777


Post: 23-35 Hanover Street

Oakleigh Vic 3166