ASG produces a variety of printed and online publications, reports and newsletters for the benefit of parents, families, students, educators, government, media and other relevant stakeholders. 

ASG is committed to publishing material which is relevant and necessary. Many of our publications are collaboration with leading academics and industry experts.

ASG’s Scholastic

ASG's Scholastic is a quarterly magazine for members and their families, which has the latest ASG and education news. The magazine is designed to keep members up to date, provide useful information and inspire ASG students to reach their full potential. For younger children, the Juniors’ Club section will keep them entertained with games, interesting facts and competitions.

The magazine is printed and the latest issue is also available online.  

Early Horizons

Early Horizons is ASG’s early childhood magazine which is aims to support educators achieve positive outcomes for children. The magazine shares professional insights and leadership from specialists in the early childhood sector. 

A complimentary copy of Early Horizons is provided to all preschools, kindergartens, day care and long day care centres in Australia and New Zealand.

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Read the latest issue of Early Horizons.

2017 Annual General Meeting

The 43rd AGM for ASG was held on Friday 27 October 2017 at the Monash Conference Centre in Melbourne, with a video link to our Auckland office. 

Members participated in an engaging presentation by Bernie Hobbs—an award-winning science writer and broadcaster with ABC Science. She convinced all of us about the importance of STEM and provided various ideas on how to get children excited about all things STEM. You can watch the 2017 AGM 

You can access The Full Annual Report and Annual Report Summary, presented at the AGM here. You can also view Bernie's remarkable presentation on the day.