Plan for any stage of your child’s education journey

ASG’s Pathway Education Fund (Pathway) is part of our suite of Little Big Funds. It’s a versatile plan perfect for anyone who wants to offset the costs of education at any stage of a child’s development.

Prospective parents, parents, grandparents and relatives can use Pathway to assist with education expenses during preschool, primary school, secondary school and a wide range of post-secondary and vocational training courses.

Key features

Flexible contributions

Tax effective

Supports full-time and part-time studies

Suitable for children of any age

Use for pre-school, primary, secondary or post-secondary

Flexible withdrawals

  • Flexible contributions from as low as $12 per week 

  • Tax effective  ASG's Education Funds qualify as scholarship plans under Australian tax law

  • Supports full-time and part-time studies – Pathway covers flexible study options

  • Suitable for children of any age  enrolment is open to children of any age whose education you would like to support
  • Use for pre-school, primary, secondary or post-secondary – contributions can be returned to you while your child is at any stage of study 
  • Flexible withdrawals choose when you’d like your contributions to be returned to you 



See what your extra contributions can do when your child goes to post secondary studies*

More information

Please review the Financial Services Guide (FSG) and Pathway Education Fund Product Disclosure Statement.

Compare with our other funds

Compare our funds to decide which ASG Education Fund is right for your children.

Work out your costs

Use our education costs calculators to estimate the potential costs of your child’s education.

* Figures provided are to be used as an estimate and for illustrative purposes only. No guarantee of future investment earnings, bonus rates or benefit amount is implied or expressed. ‘Account balance’ is the member contributions plus projected bonus crediting rate of 3.6% after tax and charges, less fees and other charges. This balance includes a tax benefit that represents the relevant amount of income tax that ASG is expected to recoup and include as part of your benefit payment. This tax benefit applies only on the terms outlined in the current PDS. Contributions are assumed to increase by 8% p.a. Pathway members can vary their indexation rate from 0% to 25% p.a. This does not apply to the membership fee, contingency fund fee, and administration fee.
Figures do not take into consideration withdrawals made throughout the time period. This information is general advice only and has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial information and needs. You should, therefore, consider the PDS available and its appropriateness in light of your own objectives, financial information and needs before making any decision about whether to acquire this product.
ASG’s Pathway offering provided the structure I need with the added confidence that I can access my money as and when required.

Bruce, ASG member