Michael Pearce is proud of his community involvement as a scout, which he feels has contributed to his personal development greatly. As part of the scouting program, Michael has participated in various activities and has been a young leader and treasurer.

Another unique opportunity that has helped Michael to grow personally has been travel. Having lived in Australia, Japan and the UK, and having the opportunity to travel to many European countries has armed Michael with rich cultural experiences.

In school Michael’s teacher describes him as a personable young man with a keen interest and understanding of physics. When presenting he is confident, engaging and an authoritative speaker. Although Michael moved from the UK in 2015, his teachers found his strong work ethic and passion for involvement very commendable.

Michael’s love for physics won him the first place in the Victorian Young Physicist’s tournament and seen him do work experiences at the Astrophysics Research Institute (UK), Nu Instruments (UK) and the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication.

After completing his Year 12, Michael is looking forward to a Bachelors degree in Philosophy (Science) and follow this up with a PhD “in an undecided field”. His career aspirations are to “work in research and development within physics—either in academia or with a private company. I am also interested in nuclear physics, cosmology and space mission science and development.”

But it’s not all studies that Michael is interested in. He enjoys playing rugby and cricket and has received numerous awards—as a player, leader and coach.

With so many great attributes Michael’s future as a leader looks promising.

Michael Pearce, ASG student - The Next Big Thing