Hayley has been described by her teachers as having an inquisitive mind and a natural curiosity about the world around her. She is a good problem solver, hardworking, mature, responsible, well mannered, and community minded with excellent work ethics.

With such high accolades from her teachers Hayley strives to do better all the time. She has regularly performed well in her studies and has chosen science, geography, information technology and maths to help her future aspirations. For in the future Hayley wants to work in a space related field.

“Both my parents work in the space industry and I have grown up being immersed in space related discussions at home,” Hayley says. “I have been fascinated with space explorations and man’s achievements in space and have always dreamt of going there myself.”

When not dreaming of the space age and space travels, Hayley learns French and is learning to decode French written text. “Along with learning another language it also helps during my travels to France. I can now converse with the locals.”

Hayley is also a community member and represents her school in netball, dragon boat racing, is a member of the school representative council, and in the school band. 

Haley Coorey - ASG student