Testimonials and Feedback

YCDI! invites you to provide us with feedback on any aspect of the YCDI! suite of programs or materials, or tell us how you have integrated the programs into your school curriculum.

You can email us at youcandoit@asg.com.au

Some Feedback from Educators

“The feedback from participants has been very positive, all commenting about how much they've taken away from the course personally and professionally. A lot of that has to do with Michael's presentation style as he was both very entertaining and passionate about the topic. It was a pleasure meeting you both and I hope we can continue the relationship with the YCDI! Foundation at Gosford PS and beyond!”

Greg Francis, Deputy Principal, Gosford Public School, NSW

"I communicate seeking your co-operation to actively consider the proposals of the 'You Can Do It! Program. I personally endorse the program and am aware of the positive way it has already been received in the Catholic schools where it has been used."

Pat Lynch, Executive Director, New Zealand Catholic Education

LandsboroughStateSchool as a community school is working towards a shared understanding with other community agencies of social and emotional well-being. We aim to identify issues, gaps and successes in the development of supportive learning environments, the management of challenging behaviour and whole school community approaches to the development of resilient and healthy young people. "You Can Do It!" Education has been the perfect program in offering our local community and school effective ways to ensure young people fulfill their potential. What a fabulous weapon to have infighting suicide, depression, and mental illness for a community's wellbeing...."

Greg Summers (Principal), & Machelle Flowers-Smith (Guidance Officer)

"With the implementation of Y.C.D.I. Education, our school is now developing a strong culture of achievement, with a whole school approach that underpins all teaching and learning. Significant improvements in student motivation, classroom and playground behaviour have already been noted, and we no longer spend inordinate amounts of time responding to crises."

Ross Luckies, Principal of Yarrawonga Primary School

"One of the greatest attractions of his thinking is that it sets to one side all those things schools can't influence -parents, poverty- and offers practical mental tools for the here and how…more important is the mindset a student brings to learning. With the right one, a disadvantaged child will overcome any number of obstacles; with the wrong one, the most privileged child will never achieve their full potential."

The London Times Education Supplement

"The You Can Do It! Education program is an essential element of our school's program. It is the best single vehicle I know of for helping students achieve their potentials. YCDI gives teachers a highly practical framework and set of relevant and explicit materials to help students. YCDI programs are now being used in hundreds of South Australian schools -the take up has been nothing short of amazing."

Rob Steventon, Principal, Madison Park Primary

"You Can Do It! Parent Education does straight to the heart of parent concerns; parents quickly recognize its value for them and their children."

Marie R. Joyce, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Australian Catholic University

"You Can Do It! is an unusually effective program for young people who want to do well in school, in their social relations and in other important aspects of their life…I highly recommend it!"

Albert Ellis, Psychologist and International Authority on Motivation and Social-Emotional Well Being

Some Feedback from Parents

"YCDI has helped me understand so much about my children's behaviour and has given me clues of what I can do to make things better. I really find the discussions in our sessions helpful; listening to other parents encourages me to keep on trying to find creative solutions to things that aren't working so well at home."


"I am able to talk more effectively with my children and understand some of their issues relating to parents. Overall, I believe I am a more positive parent."


"YCDI has provided the opportunity to really look at how our thoughts and feelings influence how we behave, both as children and as parents. A must for parents who would like to understand themselves and their children better.


Some Feedback from Students

"The 'keys' help me to get along with others and to be organised. I am more focused.

Rashith, 12

"They help me. Getting Along has helped me to be less judgemental.

Vasnya, 10

"The red 'key' (confidence) helps me to try and the blue 'key' (persistence) helps me to keep trying.

Renee, 6

Getting along helps me get along with others and I have more friends. I look out for others and share.

Brooke, 10