National Day of Action against Bullying

The seventh annual 'National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence' was held on Friday 17 March, 2017. The National Day of Action is a great opportunity for schools to share their anti-bullying policies, strategies and wellbeing programs with their school community.

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Le Fevre Peninsula Primary School in South Australia celebrated the national day in a big way. The school was decorated in a sea of orange, the official colour of the day. The theme Take a Stand Together – Bullying No Way! was conveyed through a range of whole school activities and powerful messaging around the school. Students had the opportunity to talk about bullying and the importance of finding effective strategies they can use if they are feeling victimised, as well as exploring safe and supportive bystander strategies.

The South Australian Minister for Education and Child Development, Dr Susan Close was in attendance at a school assembly to launch the day and welcomed the work that Le Fevre Peninsula Primary School was doing in this area.  Students in Years 1/2 dressed up as trolls and performed the song from the recent movie, 'I will get back up again', highlighting the important part resilience plays in dealing with bullying behaviour.

Le Fevre Peninsula Primary School is actively involved in the ASG You Can Do It! Education program with its students learning about the five 'Keys to Success' ~ Confidence, Persistence, Organisation, Getting Along and Resilience.  'The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence' is just another way for the school to promote the work they are doing all year round in social-emotional learning.  Principal, Mr Mark McKenzie says "This day really just highlights our commitment to social-emotional learning and the work we do in this area throughout the year.  Our students are continually learning about bullying and the impact it can have on others.  They learn a number of strategies to deal with this behaviour and also learn about the proactive role a bystander can play."

ASG You Can Do It! Education recognises the importance of a collaborative approach to delivering a powerful message to say ‘NO’ to bullying.